Information about Madagascar

Area (sq km):587,041
FIPS Country Code:MA
ISO Country Code:MG
GRN Office:

Map of Madagascar

Map of Madagascar

Languages and dialects spoken in Madagascar

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Found 18 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Betsimisaraka Atsimo [Madagascar] - ISO Language [bzc]
Betsimisaraka Avaratra [Madagascar] - ISO Language [bmm]
French: Africa [Cameroon] - Group of Dialects [fra]
Makua [Mozambique, Nampula] - ISO Language [vmw]
Malagasy [Madagascar] - Macrolanguage [mlg]
Malagasy, Antakarana [Madagascar] - ISO Language [xmv]
Malagasy Antemoro [Madagascar, Fianarantsoa] - Dialect [txy]
Malagasy, Atesaka [Madagascar] - ISO Language [tkg]
Malagasy, Bara [Madagascar, Atsimo-Andrefana, Toliary] - ISO Language [bhr]
Malagasy: Betsileo [Madagascar] - Dialect [plt]
Malagasy, Betsimisaraka [Madagascar, Antananarivo] - Dialect [bmm]
Malagasy, Masikoro [Madagascar] - ISO Language [msh]
Malagasy, Merina [Madagascar] - ISO Language [plt]
Malagasy, Ntandroy [Madagascar] - Dialect [tdx]
Malagasy: Sakalava [Madagascar] - ISO Language [skg]
Malagasy, Tanosy [Madagascar] - ISO Language [txy]
Malagasy, Tsimihety [Madagascar] - ISO Language [xmw]
Malagasy: Vezo [Madagascar] - Dialect [skg]

People Groups in Madagascar

Anjatsy; Antaifasy; Antaimanambondro; Antaimoro; Antambahoaka; Antandroy; Antankarana; Antanosy; Antesaka; Arab, Yemeni; Bara; Betsileo; Betsimisaraka, North; Betsimisaraka, South; Bezanozano; Chinese, general; Comorian, Maore; Comorian, Mwali; Comorian, Ndzwani; Comorian, Ngazidja; Creoles, Mauritian; Deaf; French; Gujarati; Jew, French Speaking; Karimbola; Korean; Mahafaly; Malay; Masikoro; Merina-Vakinankaratra; Reunionese Creole; Sahafatra; Sakalava, Northern; Sihanaka; Swahili; Tanala; Tsimihety; Vezo; Zafisoro;

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