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What's The Best Way To Spread The Good News?

Richard & Heather Roper - Tuesday 29 January 2013

The primary source of all Christian authoritative communication is and always has been and always will be oral.

Not only did Jesus teach to an audience orally but he used the oldest known form of communication - Story telling

And despite having the ability to at the very least arranged, to have things written down, he chose not to.

Even as the Bible began to mature and be written down oral communication still remained the primary source of passing on His story. Because even when it was written down it was read to a congregation.

The passing on of the good news has always been and always will be primarily oral. By far and away the vast majority of Christians became such because someone told them the story of salvation.

I did a little survey in my church once a small congregation of about 60 people at the time. An overwhelming majority became Christian as a direct result of someone telling them about Jesus. I found this to be very enlightening.

I spent most of my evangelistic christian youth standing on corners handing out christian tracts only to now realize that I should have been spending my time talking.

Next time you want to give someone the good new try something other than a tract. Try telling the good news. Better still tell them your story.