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What Your Story?

Richard & Heather Roper - Monday 10 October 2011

Story is the most powerful means of communication there is.

Before there were movies. 

Before there were books.

Before there even was writing, there was story.

If you are talking to someone about the Lord and they want to tell you just how smart they are by proving that what you are saying is not "Scientific" instead of trying to outwit them which will only alienate them, especially if you win, tell them your story. It's your story it can't be beat. 

I love to tell stories. Whenever I do a presentation for GRN I always start with a story. Stories are what make information interesting. Whenever you pastor tells a story at church what do you remember most his, main points or the story? I'm willing to bet that it is the story. 

In our huge collection of stories in other languages we have many recordings that don't tell bible stories but other stories the stories of  people and their faith in the Lord Jesus. Called "words of life" the stories come in many languages and they carry the same power as your own story.  When you share a story you share something of yourself.

I tell really bad jokes it's kind of a trademark. The ones I love to tell the most are in the form of a story. I never expect a laugh from my jokes only groans but when I do get a laugh, it is as much a suprise to me as it is to those who heard the story. But when people hear my story jokes they learn something about me and I about them by the way they respond.

Is it any wonder that people arond the world will always find the telling of a story of more interest and more powerful than any other form of communication.