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Partnership with MegaVoice

Rob McDonell - Saturday 05 August 2017

GRN's release of SaberCopy 3.0 last year has led to a whole new avenue of cooperation with MegaVoice.

GRN and MegaVoice have been partners in evangelism for many years, mainly though adding GRN content on to MegaVoice players. MegaVoice have made over a million audio Bible players. They have materials available for their players in 4600 languages and dialects, thanks in large part to the inclusion of GRN's recordings in their Audio Cloud.

Now, MegaVoice have adopted SaberCopy as their primary audio duplication software, both for themselves and their customers. It allows content to be copied to any MegaVoice player faster and more accurately than before.

This cooperation has led to many more improvements to SaberCopy over the last year, and there is a lot more in the works. We praise God for this opportunity to work together in bringing the gospel to people all over the world in their own language.