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A call to prayer

Christine Platt - Monday 27 June 2016

Mission was at the heart of Jesus' life and ministry. He travelled around Israel preaching the coming of God's kingdom, healing the sick, casting our demons, and all the while he was training up his disciples to follow in his footsteps. His final instructions to his discuples left them in no doubt as to what they were supposed to do after he returned to his Father (Mth 28:18-20, Act 1:8).

Missionary societies like GRN came into being as the outworking of the church obeying Jesus' instruction to make disciples. And so GRN exists by God's grace through the prayers, offerings and sacrifice of God's people - the church. It makes sense that a strong church will support a strong missionary effort and a weak church will see the missionary effort diminished.

It seems to me that missions have a vested interest in seeing strong churches in their sending/funding countries as well as in the countries where they minister, if they want to minister effectively.

And so I think it makes sense for GRN to be praying for those churches who share with us in giving as well as those who receive.