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Unexpected request:

Alex Shaw - Wednesday 11 May 2016

From Margaret:
After getting to Yirrkala in Arnhemland, I found that my plans to return to Elcho were to be changed. I had a number of Yolŋu ring to see if I could continue travelling on to Ramingining for the quarterly Church Area meetings on last weekend. So without going home to unpack, I stayed for the half an hour stop at Elcho Island’s airport, before MAF was carrying me on further westward to Ramingining. The focussed of the meetings was to be about the Bible translation work. Representatives came to the meetings from all of the Yolŋu Uniting churches of north East Arnhem. One of the ladies representing the Yirrkala church was Vanessa, a 'MAF wife’. Her husband is a aircraft engineer, from PNG. The meetings were full of reconnection times for me, so when I sat with Vanessa, there was much to share, but what she said startled me… "I have come to this meeting so you could tell me about 5fish! Have been so blessed to see my PNG dialect/language with these Bible stories, but I can also find my husbands language on it! I can’t wait to get home to share it with him!"

Now primarily, my volunteer time in Sydney with GRN was to work on Yolŋu languages, but I was surprised to see the LORD has been blessing many others, far beyond what I had expected!