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Mandarin 5fish

Alex Shaw - Wednesday 11 May 2016

From Margaret:
Holly and daughter Candy(~7y old) a small Mandarin family attending CKB church for the past 8 months.
Holly is very happy being a part of this same church where her daughter is loving the children’s program. Candy has made friends and no longer feels a stranger there. Her mum came to Australia to do HR work for a Chinese Company in Sydney. We sat together in the second session of the weekend's Easter Church Conference. I was so encouraged by a previous response after the first session, that I jumped straight in to talk with Holly about her home, country and language. I asked her if she had a Mandarin Bible and found she was already familiar with the various mobile apps for reading Mandarin scriptures. Then I asked her if she had heard of 5fish. She quickly pulled out her mobile and asked me to show her how it worked. Her mobile had a better connection than mine, so we went from there to download the app and trial out Mandarin. There were so many Chinese varieties, that initially she went to listen to a Chinese Mandarin dialect that wasn’t hers. She laughed and said: "I don’t understand this language!" We returned to find the ‘nest of Mandarin’ dialect options under ‘M’ (rather than ‘C’ for Chinese) and she was amazed at the range. She just about lept out of the chair with excitement to find her own dialect there. She downloaded a sample and shared how this could really fill a need in sharing the Bible Stories with her daughter Candy.