Informationen über Südafrika

Region: Afrika
Capital: Pretoria
Population: 60,414,000
Area (sq km): 1,218,363
FIPS Country Code: SF
ISO Country Code: ZA
GRN Office: GRN Southern Africa

Map of Südafrika

Map of Südafrika

In Südafrika gesprochene Sprachen und Dialekte

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15 Sprachennamen gefunden

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - ISO Language [yue]

English: Southern Africa [Gauteng] [eng]

Fanagolo [South Africa] - ISO Language [fng]

Longa [Mozambique] [tso]

Niederlandisch [Netherlands] - ISO Language [nld]

Sesotho [Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [sot]

Sotho, Northern [Gauteng] - ISO Language [nso]

South Ndebele [Mpumalanga] [nbl]

Swasi-Sprache [Eswatini] - ISO Language [ssw]

Tsonga-Sprache [Limpopo] - ISO Language [tso]

Tswana-Sprache [Zimbabwe] - ISO Language [tsn]

Venda-Sprache [Limpopo] - ISO Language [ven]

Xhosa-Sprache [Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [xho]

Zulu-Sprache [KwaZulu/Natal] - ISO Language [zul]

Ethnische Gruppen in Südafrika

Afrikaner ▪ Americans, U.S. ▪ Anglo-South African ▪ Arab, Egyptian ▪ Arab, Lebanese ▪ Bhojpuri Bihari ▪ Birwa ▪ British ▪ Chinese, general ▪ Coloured ▪ Coloured Creole ▪ Deaf ▪ Dutch ▪ French ▪ Gemsbok Nama, Bushman ▪ German ▪ Greek ▪ Griqua ▪ Gujarati ▪ Gypsy, English, Romanichal ▪ Hindi ▪ Indian, English-Speaking ▪ Italian ▪ Jew, English Speaking ▪ Korean ▪ Kung-Ekoka ▪ Kxoe, Khwe, Xun ▪ Makhuwa ▪ Malay, Cape ▪ Nama ▪ Ndebele, Southern ▪ Nghuki ▪ Nusan, Xoo ▪ Nyanja ▪ Pedi, North Sotho ▪ Portuguese ▪ Ronga ▪ Shona ▪ Sotho ▪ Sotho, Eastern ▪ Swahili ▪ Swazi ▪ Tamil Hindu ▪ Telugu ▪ Tsonga ▪ Tswa ▪ Tswana ▪ Tswana-Hurutshe ▪ Tswana-Kgatla ▪ Tswana-Kwena ▪ Tswana-Malete, Moletse ▪ Tswana-Ngwaketse ▪ Tswana-Ngwato ▪ Tswana-Rolong ▪ Tswana-Tlhaping ▪ Tswana-Tlharu ▪ Tswana-Tlokwa ▪ Urdu ▪ Venda ▪ Xhosa ▪ Xhosa-Tembu ▪ Zulu

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