Informationen über Südafrika

Area (sq km):1,218,363
FIPS Country Code:SF
ISO Country Code:ZA
GRN Office:GRN Southern Africa

Map of Südafrika

Map of Südafrika

In Südafrika gesprochene Sprachen und Dialekte

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20 Sprachennamen gefunden

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Afrikaans [South Africa] - ISO Language [afr]

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - ISO Language [yue]

English: Southern Africa [Gauteng] [eng]

Fanagolo [South Africa] - ISO Language [fng]

Longa [Mozambique] [tso]

Niederlandisch [Netherlands] - ISO Language [nld]

Sesotho [Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [sot]

Sotho, Northern [Gauteng] - ISO Language [nso]

South Ndebele [Mpumalanga] [nbl]

Swasi-Sprache [Eswatini] - ISO Language [ssw]

Tsonga-Sprache [Limpopo] - ISO Language [tso]

Tswana-Sprache [Zimbabwe] - ISO Language [tsn]

Venda-Sprache [Limpopo] - ISO Language [ven]

Xhosa-Sprache [Eastern Cape] - ISO Language [xho]

Zulu-Sprache [KwaZulu/Natal] - ISO Language [zul]

Ethnische Gruppen in Südafrika

Afrikaner; Americans, U.S.; Anglo-South African; Arab, Egyptian; Arab, Lebanese; Bhojpuri Bihari; Birwa; British; Chinese, general; Coloured; Coloured Creole; Deaf; Dutch; French; Gemsbok Nama, Bushman; German; Greek; Griqua; Gujarati; Gypsy, English, Romanichal; Hindi; Indian, English-Speaking; Italian; Jew, English Speaking; Korean; Kung-Ekoka; Kxoe, Khwe, Xun; Makhuwa; Malay, Cape; Nama; Ndebele, Southern; Nghuki; Nusan, Xoo; Nyanja; Pedi, North Sotho; Portuguese; Ronga; Shona; Sotho; Sotho, Eastern; Swahili; Swazi; Tamil Hindu; Telugu; Tsonga; Tswa; Tswana; Tswana-Hurutshe; Tswana-Kgatla; Tswana-Kwena; Tswana-Malete, Moletse; Tswana-Ngwaketse; Tswana-Ngwato; Tswana-Rolong; Tswana-Tlhaping; Tswana-Tlharu; Tswana-Tlokwa; Urdu; Venda; Xhosa; Xhosa-Tembu; Zulu;

Neuigkeiten über Südafrika

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