Ministry Strategy

Ministry Strategy

এই পৃষ্ঠাটি বর্তমানে বাংলা-এ বিদ্যমান নয়৷.

GRN ministry has three major components: recording, distribution and promotion.

Recording strategy

GRN recruits, trains, equips and deploys recordists, researchers and other skilled people from many countries. These recording teams identify priority language groups and then, in consultation with ministry partners, identify appropriate scripts and content and produce high quality audio and audio-visual programs using mother tongues speakers and culturally appropriate styles.

Our programs aim primarily to communicate effectively and simply the good news of Jesus Christ through telling Bible stories, providing brief explanations and inviting people to respond. Our goal is to see people become disciples of Jesus Christ and members of his church.

We have developed techniques for recording languages which have never been written down and where there are no people in that language group who can read and/or write. Checking is important to ensure accurate communications.

No tribe is too small or village too remote. Everyone deserves to hear the Gospel in the language and style that speaks to their heart because "Faith comes through hearing the message" (Rom 10:17)

Distribution strategy

We aim to make these programs as widely available as possible. They are available from our 40 plus operations around the world and from our websites as free downloads. Our own outreach teams and many missionaries, evangelists and church planters access and use our materials. International partners make our products available to even wider audiences through the internet, and distribution on micro SD cards and other hard media. We provide special audio play back devices and Apps for mobile phone access.

Promotions strategy

Through personal communications and the media we aim to make the mission of GRN widely known in order to provide opportunity for people to be involved through prayer, financial support and personal involvement as volunteers or staff.

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Global Ministry Coordinators - Coordinators who support and serve the global network in aspects of GRN work such as recordist training, information systems, global studio and member care.

GRN International Leadership Team - National Directors or Board members appointed by the GRN International Council work with the International Director to provide global leadership.