Information about Honduras

Region:The Americas
Area (sq km):112,088
FIPS Country Code:HO
ISO Country Code:HN
GRN Office:

Map of Honduras

Map of Honduras

Languages and dialects spoken in Honduras

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Found 6 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Chinese, Yue [China] - ISO Language [yue]
Ch'orti' [Guatemala] - ISO Language [caa]
Garifuna [North West] - ISO Language [cab]
Jicaque [Honduras] - ISO Language [jic]
Miskito [Honduras] - ISO Language [miq]
Paya [Honduras] - ISO Language [pay]

People Groups in Honduras

Afro-Honduran; Americans, U.S.; Amerindian, Detribalized; Arab, Palestinian; Black Carib; British; Chorotega; Chorti; Deaf; Han Chinese, Cantonese; Honduran; Honduran, English-Speaking; Honduran White; Jamaicans; Jew, Spanish Speaking; Korean; Lenca; Miskito; Nicaraguan, Mestizo; Pech; Sumu; Tolpan; Turk;