On a Dangerous Mission

On a Dangerous Mission

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Deep into the north of this restricted-access country, our team traveled through the night by train. Temperatures were below 40 degrees and the wind pierced my skin even though I was wearing seven layers of clothing.

Before we left, the brothers had warned us about going to such a foreign place. We were headed for a town where each household possesses a gun which they target on strangers. To cope with the severe weather, people tend to consume lots of alcohol, so it is easy for them to pick fights. Visitors have been shot.

Should we go? All morning my heart was disturbed. I read from Acts 20 about Paul's confession: "And now, compelled by the spirit, I am going to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there. I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit warns me that prison and hardships are facing me." As I meditated, I realized that Paul must have received a clear confirmation from God. He heard the voice from God saying "testify in Rome."

The Bible tells us that one day there will be a great multitude praising God from all the tribes, peoples and languages. This must surely include these people we want to visit. They don't even have a Bible in their own language. But they could be hearing the Gospel now on cassette.

If that is what God wants, then we must do it! We must accomplish the task no matter how hard the circumstances if it means that they can hear the Gospel through us.

On arriving at our destination, my face was frozen but my heart was leaping with joy and with great expectation at the thought of meeting people who were created after God's image.

Since I was a foreigner and therefore very noticeable, the other two brothers went to the village to bring someone who could help us with the recording. I prayed for their safe return. After a few hours, they returned with three men. They all responded positively to our request for help.

As we were recording one of the messages, one of the men suddenly jumped up. He was experiencing some kind of suffocation in his heart. We sensed the power of darkness struggling within this young man. He struggled throughout the recording. This was a nervous work for us as well because we constantly had to guard our surroundings to see if we were safe.

Finally we completed recording messages like "Who is God?" "Teachings of Jesus" and "How to Choose the Right Path." Our interpreter thanked the Lord because he felt that God loved his people and his heart was opened. He wanted me to come to his house and, while he interpreted, tell his people that God has plans and salvation for them.

Now, by faith, we can see this tribe praising God. The recordings will be passed on from family to family. Even though we can't speak their language, the door is open for the Gospel!

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