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Bergabung dengan tim doa kami dan berdoa untuk GRN Australia serta pelayanan GRN diseluruh dunia.

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Global Recordings Network Australia

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Postal: PO Box 899, Seven Hills NSW 1730
Street: 1/36 Stoddart Road, Prospect NSW
Phone: 02 9899 2211 or +61 2 9899 2211
Fax: 02 8014 6479 or +61 2 8014 6479


We also have representatives in several states who are available to visit your church or other group. Please call us for details.

Member of Missions Interlink and Bible Agencies Australia

Click here to find languages spoken and recordings available in Australia.

Pray with GRN Australia

Prayer news and notes from GRN Australia.

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Donate to GRN Australia

Are you curious about how GRN gets its money, or considering making a donation?

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Positions Vacant

GRN has many opportunites to be involved full time or part time, long term or short term, overseas or in Australia.

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Volunteer with GRN Australia

Sign up to volunteer with Global Recordings Network Australia

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About GRN Australia

Global Recordings Network Australia aims to effectively communicate the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to pre-literate and unreached peoples in their own language by means of recordings.

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Subscribe to our free monthly Publication

GRN Australia has a free monthly newsletter 'Every Language' and monthly prayer guide 'Rejoice'.

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The team from GRN Australia

These are the people who make things happen in GRN Australia.

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GRN Australia Projects

Projects, with estimated costs, for a range of current projects planned by GRN Australia.

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GRN Australia Price List

Retail and mission and GRN prices for the ministry resources and Bible materials in the GRN product range.

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GRN Australia Financial Information

Overview of Global Recordings Network Australia's financial policies and practices, and information on making donations towards the work of the mission.

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Read a recent 'Every Language' article

'Every Language' is the monthly newsletter from GRN Australia.

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Walkthrough Sydney Office

When we think of 'the Great Commission', we imagine missionaries in piranha infested rivers, risking their lives to take God's message of salvation to those who have never heard it. Whilst that is God's calling to some, it is not to all.

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Menceritakan kisah Yesus dalam setiap bahasa: Kami meyakini tak ada suku yang terlalu kecil, tak ada bahasa yang tak jelas dan tak ada desa yang terlalu terpencil untuk mendengar kabar baik Yesus dalam bahasa mereka sendiri.

Every Language: You can help record the good news of Jesus in every language.

Merayakan 60 tahun: Pada 25 May 2013, GRN Australia merayakan 60 tahun pelayanan - dan kami bersyukur kepada Tuhan atas hal itu.

A Global Challenge: How do we help national churches in developing countries to catch the vision of GRN, and to support the ministry through their people, prayers and finances? During a recent visit to a Pacific island, the local GRN team spoke to us of this challenge - read about it here.

Peresmian Kantor Peresmian Kantor Prospect: Setelah 2 tahun merencanakan, birokrasi dan pembangunan, ditambah beberapa tahun memikirkan, merencanakan, berdoa dan meminta nasihat/petunjuk, akhirnya proyek ini selesai dan kami pindah. Puji Tuhan!!!

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