A Great Teaching Tool

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From Central Asia comes this report of "The Sacrifice" drama recordings GRN made in the Uyghur language. Its message about the sacrifice of Jesus is what the Uyghur people have been looking for.

Comments from expats: "It's a great evangelism and teaching tool!! We listened to it the first time with our Uig friends on the night they were baptized. After the tape was over, the mom couldn't stop herself from getting up and dancing (literally) for joy with the music at the end. The whole family understood it well and loved it. I gave her a CD copy and I am sure it will get played a bunch to non-believers right away. It's awesome! I think it will speak to them like no other message tape ever has."

From another person: "I liked the CD 'Sacrifice' a lot. I think it is one of the best resources ever made for Uigs and really hope that it will get widely spread. Thank you for it! We need more of this quality."