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From Zimbabwe

"I would like to say thank you for what happened in my life last year. During the year I met a lot of temptations and was about to commit suicide. Then I visited my brother, a devout Christian. He told me some inspirational words and gave me a tape from Gospel Recordings. I took time to listen to it again and again. I repented and became a Christian. I was amazed by the way I changed bit by bit and today I'm glad of what I am. I'm glad to be alive. Thanks be to God and your inspiring messages."

From Togo

"Several have repented. They say that listening to the Word of God in their own language makes it penetrate to the depths of their hearts."

From Egypt

"A Moro man that had given out a few tapes said 'This is the best thing you could ever do for our people.' He liked the Good News tape very much. He commented about the sound effects. He said when he heard them laughing at Noah, he was reminded of how the people laugh at him for preaching the gospel. He really likes that tape."

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