James (and Christina) Thomas

James (and Christina) Thomas


James is GRN's Mobile Technologist. He leads the implementation of GRN's strategy to deliver free gospel content via mobile devices. GRN distributes Bible stories recorded in 6,000 language dialects to mobile phone users in 170 countries.

He works in Sydney, leading a team of software developers and testers. GRN's outreach website (5fish.mobi) and 5fish mobile app (5fish) provide easy access to free content online for listening to and sharing person to person using SD cards, Bluetooth, or portable media players.

Contact James by email from this website at globalrecordings/email/jamesthomas.


澳大利亞 - 關於澳大利亞信息

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Evangelism using Mobile Devices - Adapting GRN resources for mobile devices has become an increasing priority as more and more people have access to this technology. A task force has been established to investigate ways to implement this.

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Mobile Technology in GRN - Mobile devices are gaining widespread usage even among remote people groups and nomadic tribes some of GRN's top priority people.

By All Means - In this age of technology the Lord is showing us innovative ways to share the gospel with those who have never heard of Jesus, the idea of using a cell phone to introduce the gospel to someone who has not yet heard of Jesus is very exciting!