Testimoni Bilong Kristen

概要: Starts with illustrations of fishing, hunting, and trapping animals, and compares them to things that come into our lives to trap us. Temptation through the eyes to steal and story of man who was caught. God's warning to flee temptation. Satan is the tempter, but he must flee if rebuked and if you stay away from temptation.

語言:Tok Pisin: PNG
主題:Hell; Prayer, petition; Temptation; Spiritual Growth; Sin, disobedience; Satan (the devil)
聽眾:New Christian
類型/流派:Messages and Fiction


1. Eh, harim! Sampela i pait long toktok!

2. Tru, tupela meri i pait gen. Kros bilong tupela i kamap strong moa yet, ol i no laik mekim i dai. Em i pasin nogut tru. Ples bilong tupela i nogat amamas. Oltaim dispela tupela meri kirapim plenti trabel.

1. Sori tru. Mi ting tupela meri i Kristen pinis. Bilong wanem tupela oltaim pait? Tupela i no harim gut Tok bilong God no wanem?

2. Ol i harim Tok bilong God, tasol bel bilong tupela i pulap long sin. Olsen na sim i daunim Tok bilong God. Aiting tupela i Kristen long nem/skin tasol. Ol i save God i tru, tasol tupela i holim yet pasin nogut.

1. Mi sori tumas. Ol i harim gutpela Tok pinis na ol i go bek long tingting nogut. 2. Mi save. Bipo mi stap olsem dispela tupela meri.. Bel bilong mi i no bin stap isi. Nogat tru! Mi no bin amamas. Mi bin paitim meri bilong mi plenti taim, na mi sem tru.

1. Tasol mi ting yu stap Kristen long taim pinis. Em i tru no nogat?

2. Yes, em i tru. Na yu harim gut! Mi bin bilip Jisas Em i God tru. Mi bin save pinis ol tumbuna i bihainim giaman bilong Satan tasol. Pasin bilong haiten i no paulim mi. Wanpela samting em i daunim mi tasol, olsem mi no inap long bihainim Tok bilong God gutpela.

1. Wanem samting em i bin daunim yu?

2. Sin yet insait long bel bilong mi i daunim mi na oltaim bosim mi. Dispela trabel i no asua bilong meri bilong mi, nogat. Pairapim tok/laik long pait i stap long mi tasol. I tru mi bin harim tok bilong Jisas, tasol tok bilong mi i laik bosim oltaim. Oltaim mi bin bihainim laik bilong mi yet. Taim mi laik kros, mi kros. Taim mi laik paitim meri bilong mi, mi paitim meri bilong mi. Oltaim mi ting tok bilong mi ontap, na mi laik bosim arapela. Meri bilong mi k ken tokim yu, dispela tok i tru. Long namel long mi tupela amamas i no bin stap.

1. Mi save tok bilong yu i tru. Tasol God inap long helpim yu no nogat?

2. Yes, mi tengku long God Em i bin helpim mi tru. Wanpela de Spirit bilong God Em i tok strong long bel/tingting bilong mi. Olsem mi tingting plenti long wokabaut bilong mi. Na tingting bilong mi kamap klia na mi save bel bilong mi i bin bihainim laik bilong mi yet tasol. Bel bilong mi i nogat sori long narapela manmeri. Mi bin tok, "Jisas Em i Bikpela bilong mi," tasol mi no save harim tok bilong En. Mi bin bihainim tok bilong mi yet. Tok bilong God i shootim tingting bilong mi na mi tingting olsem: Holi Spirit i mas bosim bel bilong mi, na mi no ken bihainim laik bilong mi yet. Olsem na mi bin bel hevi long olgeta samting nogut mi bin mekim. Na mi bin askim God long helpim mi long winim dispela pasin nogut. Na God i harim mi na Em i rausim dispela pasin nogut i bin stap long mi. Holi Spirit i kam bosim bel bilong mi, na Em i strongim mi long bihainim ol tok bilong God. Nau Jisas Em i Bikpela tru bilong mi. Nau haus bilong mi i pulap long amamas na mi na meri bilong mi stap wanbel. Na mi tupela mekim beten long God long olgeta de. Mi tupela tu skulim/lainim pikinini bilong mipela toktok bilong God. Nau haus bilong mi i stap gut.

1. Eh, dispela tok i gutpela tumas na mi gat plenti tingting long en. Plenti taim sin i daunim mi tu. Aiting i gutpela mi makim Jisas i Bikpela tru bilong mi, na Holi Spirit i ken bosum bel bilong mi long olgeta de.