環球錄音網是在世界各地約50個中心和基地的全球聯盟,通過一個共同的承諾和協議, 以GRN章程連接。

各中心可能會或不會在經濟上獨立自主,但自治下具有本地董事會,獨立行政, 和僱用本地的員工為主。

  • The GRN International Council is made up of the Directors of all Centres. It meets once every four years and has responsibility for the Constitution and the appointment of the International Leadership Team.

  • GRN Centres and Bases are grouped geographically. Each appoints a Regional Coordinator to facilitate communications, planning and member care.

  • GRN International Director and Chair of International Leadership Team. Graydon provides strategic leadership and represents the mission at a global level.

  • National Directors or Board members appointed by the GRN International Council work with the International Director to provide global leadership.

  • 國際團隊是要幫助GRN的業務和人員,以更好地履行"使用每一種語言講述耶穌故事"的使命".


關於 GRN - GRN利用6483世界上最少接觸到的民族語言製作教導聖經的錄音