Zulu: Qwabe 語言

語言名稱: Zulu: Qwabe
ISO語言名稱: 祖魯語 [zul]
GRN語言編號: 18734
語言狀態: Not Verified

Zulu: Qwabe的錄音


Jesus & I (Short sermons) (in isiZulu [祖魯語])


Thembi (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

Dramatized presentations of a story or parable. A story about Thembi a young girl living in rural Zululand with her mother, father and two brothers. She is limping in one leg and she suffers from severe nightmares of snakes attacking her. Her parents are unsure what to do. Her two brothers are born-again Christians and believe Thembi should go and consult with the priest. Thembi’s father however is a very stubborn man and he believes in his forefathers and the customs of his people. He insists taking Thembi to the Sangoma. The Sangoma gives Thembi some traditional medicine and convinces Thembi’s father that Thembi must become a Sangoma. With the help of the Sangoma, Thembi begins practising as a Sangoma. While she is trying to heal other people she is still suffering from her nightmares. One day walking in the veld she is bitten by a poisonous snake. Her brothers hear her shouting for help. They rush to her aid and take her to the clinic and fetch the priest to pray for Thembi. Thembi recovers fully and is also converted and accepts Jesus as her Saviour. This video is distributed by GRN with the permission from Igoli Films and Mema Media.

Ukusindiswa [Salvation] (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

Dramatized presentations of a story or parable. An Induna named Zukuzi took his late brothers wife called Gabisile as his wife as tradition requires. Gabisile has a criple son. Zukuzi drinks a lot and abuses his late-brother’s wife. He threatend to kill Gabisile’s boy, Vusumusi. Vusumusi escapes and find a place to sleep in a abanded bakkie belonging to a Pastor. When the Pastor collects his bakkie the next day, he and his wife discovers Vusumusi in the bakkie. They took Vusumusi in and educate him. Vusumusi learns to read and after reading a lot from the Bible, he becomes a believer. In the mean time Zukuzi becomes seriously ill. Vusumusi and the Pastor decide to visit Vusumusi’s village to spread God’s word. They find Zukuzi very sick and take him to the hospital. The villagers believe in their ancestors and not in God. Zukuzi miraciously recovers and becomes a believer. He returns to his village a changed man. He confronts the Sangoma and the Sangoma is killed by lightning. All the villagers become believers and Zukuzi repents and accepts responsibility to look after Gabisile and Vusumusi. This video is distributed by GRN with the permission by Igoli Films and Mema Media.

好消息 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

40 個帶圖片的視聽聖經課程。包括從創造到基督的聖經概述,以及關於基督徒生活的教導。適合用於傳揚福音和植堂。

生命之道 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])


生命之道 for Children (in isiZulu [祖魯語])


看, 聽, 行 1與上帝一起開始 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號1書是關于亞當,諾亞,約伯,亞伯拉罕的, 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.

看, 聽, 行 2 神的勇士 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])


看, 聽, 行 3 通過上帝的勝利 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號3書是關于約書亞,底波拉,基甸,參孫的. 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.

看, 聽, 行 4 上帝的僕人 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號4書是關于路得,撒母耳,大衛,以利亞的. 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.

看, 聽, 行 5 爲神受試煉 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號5書是關于以利沙,但以理,約拿,尼希米,以斯帖的. 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.

看, 聽, 行 6 耶穌 - 教師與醫治者 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號6書是關于馬太福音和馬可福音的耶稣. 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.

看, 聽, 行 7 耶穌 - 主和救主 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號7書是關于路加福音和約翰福音的耶稣. 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.

看, 聽, 行 8 聖靈的作為 (in isiZulu [祖魯語])

聖經影音故事系列編號8書是關于保羅和早期教會. 可用於傳福音,建立教會,和系統性的基督教教導.


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South Africa

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