Books from GRN

  • Light Is SownLight Is Sown - Early recording in Africa, experiences in the early to mid 1950s, by Sanna Morrison Barlow (Rossi).
  • A Man's HandA Man's Hand - Adventures in field recording in Venezuala, by Sanna Barlow Rossi
  • Singing in His WaysSinging in His Ways - Memoirs of the Joy-Team of Gospel Recordings, Inc. (1952-1957), published in 1992.
  • Devotional BookletsDevotional Booklets - Devotional booklets compiled from Joy Ridderhof's writings.
  • Mountains SingingMountains Singing - Published in 1952, this is the story of Gospel Recordings in The Philippines
  • Christian Suffering - A Biblical PerspectiveChristian Suffering - A Biblical Perspective - First developed in 1997-98, revised in 2001. A message of encouragement to God's suffering believers.
  • Prove MeProve Me - This booklet was printed in 1964 as Gospel Recordings rejoiced over acquiring the building at 126 Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles.


聖經傳教資源 - 環球錄音網負責製作傳教及聖經基礎課程所用的多語錄音、圖書及手動錄音播放器。

Written Resources - Free downloads of scripts and other story-based written materials for ESL, Sunday school and basic Bible teaching.