Wavelength - Prayer and Praise - UK

Wavelength - Prayer and Praise - UK

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GRN UK produces a monthly prayer letter called 'Wavelength'.

It is full of information about GRN's prayer needs, both for the UK operations and GRN worldwide. This assists with making prayer focused and specific.

If you would like to receive 'Wavelength' by post or email each month you can subscribe here.

Please feel free to distribute this to prayer teams in your church or to your praying friends. If you would like additional printed copies for distribution please call us (UK 01494 358181), or you can request them by email.



GRN 以极其谨慎和慎重的态度处理个人信息。请提交此表您同意 GRN 使用此信息来满足您的要求。信息不会被用在其它地方,或透露给其他人士除非是为了满足您的要求。有关详细信息,请参阅 隐私政策


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