God is One

概要: Explanation of the Trinity and of Christ as Son of God-- to offset Islam's misinterpretation of the Christian belief. Refers to Christ's appearances in the OT, then again as a baby to become man and reveal God's love and mercy. God is One. Refusal to worship Jesus is refusal to worship God. Invitation.

主题:Saviour of Sinful Men; Nature, character of God; Sacrifice / Atonement; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; People of God
类型/流派:Bible Stories & Teac



My Friends, listen while I talk to you about God. There is something that many people do not understand, and I want to explain it to you. We say that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Perhaps you are saying, "How could God have a son? The Lord our God is one God. He is not three. He was not born and He does not bear (children). It is terrible to say that God married and had a son."

That is true, the Lord our God IS one God. Certainly He did not marry and have a son. When we speak of the Son of God, we do not mean birth as people are born. I will tell you about it.

We all know that God is holy, and He is spirit. Man cannot see Him. Man cannot touch Him. Man cannot understand Him (completely). But God loved the people He created, and He wanted them to love Him. In order that they might see and know and love Him, He appeared to them as a man. Long ago He appeared to our father Abraham and then disappeared from sight. He appeared to Gideon and to others, and then disappeared from sight again. But this time, He did not come like that. He changed Himself, and humbled Himself and became a human baby. He was born into this world by a virgin. He had no human father. He lived among the people for 33 years so that they might know Him. He did no sin, and they (men) knew He was God. Then he gave His blood (life) as a sacrifice for their sins, and everyone (the people) saw the mercy and love of God. After His death He arose and returned to His place in heaven, and everyone could see the everlasting life of God. In this manner God was able to reveal Himself to man.

Because He took on Himself the flesh (form) of a baby, and was born into this world, He is called God, "the Son." But God cannot be divided. At the same time, He was remaining in Heaven, the Father and Creator of all things. For this reason He is called God, "the Father." They are one. And because God is always spirit, He is also called the Holy Spirit. This shows us how the Great God can enter our hearts. Iit is by His Spirit.

If you refuse to worship Jesus Christ, Who died for us, you are refusing to worship God, because it was truly God Himself Who came to this world and made the sacrifice which was able to take away our sins.

And just as God's Spirit was with Moses and Abraham, so He can also live within our hearts. He loves us and He wants us to love and obey Him. He says, "I will live in them, and I will be their God and they will be my people." In the old days God gave His people a law because He wanted them to follow Him well. But they did not obey it. In many ways He tried to help them to obey it, but they always broke it. Finally, He said, "I will change their hearts and I will write My law on their hearts. I will put My Spirit within their hearts, and I will help them to obey Me."

Now, my friends, He is waiting to take away the sin from your hearts. If you turn from your ways of sin and accept the sacrifice He has made for you, He will cleanse (change) you. His sacrifice is the only one that can do this. No sacrifice that you make will help you. It will not help you to say prayers or to fast or to give money. That which is done out of a sinful heart is itself unclean (unacceptable to God). When your time of death comes, God will not let you take your sins into Heaven, and there will be no way then to have them removed. Remember the days of Noah. God brought death to all those who did not go into the ship. God told Noah to build a ship so that the people could go into it and be saved. It will be the same way for you if you do not receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour. At the Day of Judgment, there will be no mercy for your sins. My friends, receive Him while you still have an opportunity.

God will receive you if you pray to Him, trusting in the sacrifice that Jesus made for you. Do not wait until it is too late.