Repent and Believe

Repent and Believe

Đề cương: It tells about the God who is alive. He is good, He is holy and He hates evil. Jesus took our punishment so we won't have to go to hell. Repent and believe on Jesus. Turn to Jesus today.

Số kịch bản: 383

ngôn ngữ: English

Chủ đề: Sin and Satan (Hell, Sin, disobedience); Christ (Jesus, Our Substitute, Sacrifice / Atonement); Living as a Christian (Repentance, Forgiveness, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus); Character of God (Nature, character of God)

Khán giả: Hindu; General

Kiểu dáng: Monolog

Thể loại: Bible Stories & Teac

Mục đích: Evangelism

Trích dẫn Kinh Thánh: Minimal

Trạng thái: Approved

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Kịch bản

(formerly: Repent and Believe III)

My friend, I want to tell you about the God Who is alive. He is the One Who created us. He is the only true God, and He is only good. He loves all people and He wants them all to love Him. He wants them all to live with Him in His beautiful place after they die. But God is holy and He hates evil. He will not let anyone live with Him who does evil or thinks evil. He has given us His laws. His laws are good. They tell us that it is bad to worship other gods, and idols, and to lie and steal and kill people. These things are sins, and there are many others. These things belong to the way of Satan.

If we do not obey God's laws, He will be very sorry, and He will punish us. We will have to go to the place of torment forever, when we die.

You may say, "I have done these things. Is there any way that I can be saved from this punishment?" Yes, my friend, I have good news for you. God's love for all people is very great, and He has made a way to save us from the punishment. He doesn't want us to go to hell, the place of torment and separation from Him. For this reason He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to live on this earth and take our punishment for us by dying on a cross. Jesus did this willingly. He willingly gave His life for a sacrifice for our sins. He let wicked men kill Him so He could give His blood for us. Jesus never sinned, so God could accept His death as payment for our sins. After that, God brought Him back to life again, and now He lives with God in heaven.

Now here is the good news. God says that every person in the world has sinned. But if we tell Him we are sorry, and ask Him to forgive us because Jesus died for us, He will forgive us. He will change our hearts so they will be clean; and we will not want to do anything that will displease Him. He will make us His children. We will love Him, and want to obey Him. He will give us new life. When we die, He will take us to live with Him and Jesus forever in their wonderful place.

If you want God to forgive you for all your sins you may talk to Him now. You cannot see Him or hear Him, but He sees and hears you. The Lord Jesus says you must repent, and believe this good news. To repent means to have real sorrow in your heart because of your evil ways, and to turn away from them. He wants you to tell (confess) your sins to Him and ask Him to forgive you. Tell Him you are turning away from them. You do not want to follow the ways of Satan any more because he is the father of evil. God knows the heart of each person and He sees when you truly turn to Him. When you do this, He will forgive you. His Holy Spirit will come to live in your heart and help you to love God and obey Him, and live to please Him. You will be thanking Him for Jesus, because He died for you, to save you from the great punishment.

Sometimes your family or friends may want you to do something that would displease God. If this happens, you must not do what they say. Ask Jesus to help you. He said, "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments." Jesus and God say the same thing. He will help you to be strong to refuse to do the things that God hates. God says you must not commit adultery or get drunk or make sacrifices to the gods or the evil spirits. There are many other bad things that people do. This is the way that leads to hell. If you pray to Jesus, He will help you to walk in His ways.

My friend, do you truly want to have your sins washed away? Do you want to follow God's way? Are you truly sorry for your sins? Do you believe that the Lord Jesus died for your sins?

If you repent and believe on Jesus, God says that He will wash away your sins. You will not have to go to the great punishment when you die. Will you take God's way? Talk to Him now. He is everywhere, and He hears everything you say. Tell Him you are sorry for breaking His laws and disobeying Him. Tell Him you are a sinner, and ask Him to forgive you. Thank Him for sending the Lord Jesus to take your punishment for your sin. Tell Him you are putting your faith in Him now, and ask Him to make your heart clean. He will only do what is good for your life.

If you truly repent and believe on Jesus, He will receive you as His child. He loves you, and when you die He will take you to live with Him forever. There you will be very happy all the time. You will have God's peace in your heart. Turn to Jesus today, before it is too late.

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