Which Road?

Đề cương: This is the American children's version on the theme of the Two Roads. Different from others with this theme.

Số kịch bản:184
ngôn ngữ:English
Chủ đề:Hell; Heaven; Joy, happiness, rejoicing
Khán giả:Children
Kiểu dáng:Monolog
Thể loại:Messages and Fiction
Sự tinh tế:Children
Mục đích:Evangelism
Trích dẫn Kinh Thánh:Extensive

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Kịch bản

Say! I know a place where there is a tree of the most delicious apples. Come for a walk with me and we'll find it. Are you ready? All right. Oh, where - where's Blackie? (whistle - dog barking.) Well, come on, Blackie, let's go for a walk!

First we'll have to cross the highway (traffic). Better let those cars go by. Ah, now we can go across.

We're going to take this little path through the trees. Listen to the birds. (birds). My, but they're happy! That's the way my heart feels, because I let the Saviour come in. Just as happy as the bird song. Blackie! Don't you scare that little squirrel. (barking) You rascal!

Now we are out of the wood. Look over there where the river is. Isn't it beautiful where the sun shines on it? It looks like a pathway made of gold. It makes me think of a Bible verse that tells about Christians. Listen while I say it. "The path of the just (that means Christian) is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." Isn't that wonderful? To think that all our life our pathway can be a shining pathway like that! And it will be if we walk where the Lord tells us to walk. Look over in the pasture. There's Ginger, the pony. Here he comes trotting (trotting sound effect). I guess he knows I have a lump of sugar for him. (neighing sound effect) There you are, Ginger; nice little fellow.

Now, do you see that hill ahead of us? There are two roads there at the bottom. One is a little, narrow, rough road that goes straight up the hill. It's very steep. The other one goes around the hill. It is wide, and there are beautiful flowers and trees along it and it is easy to walk on. Can you guess which road we will take? Blackie knows, don't you (bark sound effect) Well, I'll tell you.

Those two roads are like two roads the Bible tells about. It says, "Enter by the narrow gate, for broad is the gate and wide the road that leads to destruction, and many are they who go in by it. But the gate is narrow and the road is steep which leads to life, and they are few who find it."

You see, our life is like those two roads. One road seems good but it doesn't lead us to Jesus and to Heaven. The Bible says, "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

Well, here we are at our two roads. This one that looks so pretty is just like that Bible verse, for at the end of it is a swamp with poisonous snakes in it. I knew a man who went down that path and fell into the swamp among the snakes, and he died. He thought he was going on a good path. No, sir, Blackie, we won't take that path, will we? (bark) But this little, steep path, it's hard to climb all right; but when we get to the top, there's that apple tree with the most delicious apples. (birds sound effect) And there are other wonderful fruit trees too, and my! the things you can see from up there. Mountains and rivers and lakes-everywhere you look, it's beautiful! And that's like the Bible verse that talks about our life. It says to take the narrow, steep path of obeying God, because if you do you will have life eternal, and heaven-beautiful, beautiful heaven-is at the end of that path!