Canada Praise and Prayer - November 2020

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1. The pandemic has caused all of our centres and basis to adapt how they carry out their ministries. Pray that God will show them creative ways to continue the recording and distribution ministries.

2. Pray for Kevin and Ruth Horan as they work from their home in California. Pray that they will see progress on their visa application to come to Canada.

3. Kenya - Pray for James Shikuku, as he works on recording the Kabras language this month.

4. Kenya - Pray for Walter Okelo, as he plans on distributing GRN audio materials to two language groups this month. Pray for safety as he travels and interacts with church leaders.

5. Prayer is appreciated for the ongoing recording of the Look, Listen & Live series in W Rai language by the GRN N team. Names areremoved for security reasons.

6. Kenya - Walter Okelo is praising God for the love gifts that enabled him to purchase a vehicle. Pray for safety as he uses the vehicle for personal needs and ministry.

7. Kenya - The team is sharing about their ministry to churches and individuals. Pray that they will see a local support team of prayer warriors that will stand with them.

8. Brazil - The team spent time undertaking additional training in recording, editing and video production. Pray that the new technics learned will enable their ministry to continue to grow and be effective in communicating the Gospel.

9. Brazil - They are preparing for a major recording project of the Bible in an indigenous language in the New Year. Pray that they will be able to make the recordings as planned.

10. GRN International Day of Prayer begins today in Australia. GRN centers have been assigned a two hour time slot to join the prayer group. Please pray with our coworkers in Asia as they bring before the Lord the challenges during the pandemic.

11. GRN International Day of Prayer continues around the globe today with Canada taking part from 8 am to 10 am. This will be followed by Mexico and end with the U.S. office. Pray that we will see God do a mighty work within GRN.

12. Brazil - Praise God that a number of indigenous languages received GRN audio material in October through a partner ministry. The team has recorded over 100 languages. Two individuals who received the audio material share their appreciation.

"I got your letter today with the memory cards. Thank you! We will deliver it to the village and pray together that through this recording more (language group removed) will believe in Jesus. The recorded material is really a blessing."

"Last week I received the recordings in our language. I will share it with the brothers in the village, I believe it will be a very useful tool for our people."

13. Potential Mexican recordists: Jesus "Chucho" Loyo, the GRN Mexico leader, has three men willing to finance their training with the proceeds of their own businesses. Pray for them as they await training in Mexico.

14. Mexico recording: GRN Mexico recordist Jesus "Chuy" Tejeda is planning to record in the Otomi de Texcatepec language. He is in contact with a language helper to decide on the best material to record for these people. Pray for God's leading as to when it will be safe to record.

15. GRN U.S.A. - Temecula property: The sale of the office fell through, and one of the lessees broke their lease. Pray that another buyer or more lessees will be forthcoming soon.

16. Mexico move: Pray for Chuy and his family who want to move to Oaxaca, where the GRN office is located. They have not been able to do so because of Covid-19. Pray God will open up the way when it is His time for them to move.

17. NEW STUDIO - SOUTH-EAST ASIA - Give thanks for a recently completed studio in Asia in preparation for recording the New Testament in a local language. Pray for our recordists and the language helper as they tackle such a large project.

18. GRN Philippines is enclosing the office balcony to give them more space. Pray for good workmanship and a very serviceable extension. Pray too for the editing and programming of recently recorded Tagalog messages.

19. Terrorism is a constant threat to GRN teams in many parts of Africa and Asia. Pray that the Almighty God will protect each team and the Christian communities in which they live and serve. Pray for safety when the teams travel on ministry trips to extend God's Kingdom.

20. Covid and Africa: This pandemic causes sickness, death and fear all over the world. In Africa you can add hunger, inflation and violence to the list. Pray for our GRN family in Africa and indeed pray for all of Africa.

21. Thailand - Please pray for Clair Ruliason as she leads learning sessions on crafting scripts at the GRN Thailand office. Pray that the staff will apply what they have learned, resulting in clear and impactful gospel messages.

22. The Nyenkha language is spoken by about 10,000 people in the Black Mountains in Asia. We do not know of any missionaries or Christians working among these people who are mainly Buddhist. Pray that they may come to know the One who gave himself a ransom for many.

23. Pakistan: "This year, we visited different Christian colonies and shared the Word of God. People were blessed. They are very keen to grow in discipleship and missions. One believer said, 'I have come to a new level of understanding that I am called to be a channel of blessing to the local people'." Please remember the GRN team in your prayers.

24. MEXICO -The Otomi Texacatepec speakers live near Mexico City, they have no resources in their language. Pray for the GRN team as they want to record in their language.

25. Canada - The board is meeting via Zoom this evening. Pray that we will know God's leading during these days of uncertainity.

26. Kenny and Joan MCKEE (GRN UK) - Pray for several recording projects Kenny has in planning, including a trip to Georgia when travel restrictions there are lifted. There are three recording projects in Russian that they want to do.

27. Bangladesh is hostile to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that the GRN team there will be encouraged to press on knowing the Lord is a shield about them. Pray that the materials recorded and distributed over this past year will bear eternal fruit.

28. Davar Partners International collaborates with organizations seeking to eliminate Bible poverty worldwide. GRN is one of Davar's partners. We will be including about 60 additional audio Bibles into the 5fish app soon. Pray that the inclusion of these audio Bibles in 5fish would bear fruit for God's Kingdom.

29. SYSTEMS SECURITY - Give thanks for 5fish app and the systems that allow it to work. Pray for our computer systems: stability, reliability, security. Ask God to protect our systems from those who might try to do harm.

30. Canada - Our financial year end is just a month away. Pray that we will make up any shortfall we experienced as a result of Covid-19.

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