Canada Praise and Prayer - October 2020

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1. Covid-19 and Africa - This pandemic causes sickness, fear and death all over the world. In Africa you can add hunger, inflation and violence to the list. Pray for our GRN family in Africa and indeed all of Africa.

2. Please pray for the families of our African national missionaries. Pray for those who have school aged children that they will be able to continue their education at home if they are not able to return to school.

3. Praise God that James, the Kenya recordist completed the editing of the Keiyo recordings. They are now available on the website for free distribution.

4. Kenya - Walter Okelo is planning on recording the Lukabras language in the coming month. Pray for language helpers and safety during this time of covid-19.

5. Kenya - The team is planning on doing two distributions before the end of the year. Uphold them in prayer that they would know God's leading as to the best time for the outreach.

6. In Nigeria the Government seems unable to control the terrorists who target Christians. They are active in the area where GRN is located. Pray for safety of the GRN staff and for all Christians in Nigeria.

7. Joseph Ndiba, Cameroon director, aks for prayer in recording the gospel of John in the Éwondo language.

8. Joseph Ndiba requests prayer for his wife who is experiencing health problems.

9. The Kenya office is praying that they will be able to add two more board members before the end of this year. Pray that Godly individuals will offer their service to this ministry.

10. Kish Hai Bai, from Nigeria, asks for prayer for Christians in the north of the country as they are often the target of attacks.

11. Pray for the provision of the team in Nigeria during this time, as their tent making effort had to close down due to covid-19. This is compounded by the high rate of inflation.

12. South Africa is thankful for the safe arrival of evangelism materials and Look, Listen & Live picture book sets to Botswana and Malawi. Please pray for wisdom as these materials are strategically placed. They are trusting the Lord for souls, for testimonies, changed lives, even revival.

13. GRN South Africa is preparing 80 sets of Good News and Look, Listen & Live picture books, with mp3 players to be sent to Congo DRC. Pray for the safe arrival of the materials.

14. The following GRN Centres are working on recording projects or have plans to do so, Nepal; Pakistan and the Philippines.

15. Give thanks for people who have discovered GRN materials in the languages of the people they are trying to reach, and are finding them useful. Pray that more people will find our materials and use them. Pray for many people to come to know and love our Lord and Saviour!

16. Please pray for God's blessing on a partnership between GRN Thailand and Bibles for Asia. They will discuss plans for training BFA national workers in a neighbouring country on how to make GRN recordings for Gospel listening groups.

17. Pray for teams in a couple of Asian countries who are continuing with their recording and distribution ministry undeterred by Covid-19. Please pray for their health and safety, for God's guidance and help, for them to do the work God is calling them to do and be sensitive to His guidance.

18. Pray for Ruth and Kevin Horan, as they work from home. Ruth continues to work for the GRN studio. Kevin is working on two programing projects. Pray that they will be encouraged in their current work situation.

19. A GRN team in Asia is seeking to reach a very resistant people group. They are in the process of training local Christians who are neighbours of this tribe, so they can reach out to these people and follow them up. Pray for the team as they embark on this very indirect method to reach them. Pray too for recording opportunities to emerge as they continue this work.

20. Pray for David Elliott and Diane Roberts, as they keep up to date with the operation of the GRN Canada office.

21. Pray that all of the GRN Centres will be kept safe during these uncertain days and the workers will emerge stronger and united in their efforts to reach oral learners with the Gospel.

22. Graydon Colville, International Director will stand down in 2023. Pray for the search committee as they seek to find a replacement. Pray that the Lord will be preparing a person of his choosing to take over this role.

23. Pray for special wisdom, knowledge and good contacts for 5fish distribution in China which has its own apps and strict policies.

24. Pray for all our GRN recordists around the world who at this time are restricted with the pandemic situation and unable to travel safely. May they be able to plan for when things return to normal.

25. Praise God that the team in Thailand was able to visit the Nyaw people to distribute over 20 players with Nyaw recordings and share the Gospel. Please pray that the people will listen to the recordings and the Holy Spirit will speak to them.

26. Please pray for the training of two new staff members in Bangladesh. Pray that they will learn all the skills needed and depend on the Lord who called them to this work.

27. The team in Mexico has an open door in the north of Chiahuahua. Praise God for a group of seven men who shared the Gospel in the mother tongue of different ethnicities.

28. Pray for the GRN Canada Board members; Roy Grant; Chris Waters; Bill Pearson; Tim Whitehead; Jon Wilton; Glenn Wilton and Pierre-Yves.

29. Rejoice with us for the news that 180 school students from 11 remote villages in South East Asia are studying the Bible through Sunday School materials from our website, while their schools are closed due to Covid-19. Ask our Lord to work in their hearts and minds so that they might know God and learn more about Him.

30. Around the world violence against Christians is commonplace. Islamists target Christians for killings, sexual assaults, and many are used as modern day slaves. Pray for the protection of these persecuted Christian groups.

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