Tumi the Talking Tiger

Ready for adventure - and for communicating with children!
Ready for adventure - and for communicating with children!

یہ صفحہ فی الحال اُردُو میں دستیاب نہیں ہے۔.

Tumi is a great friend for kids facing challenges in life
Tumi has a pouch with a robust MP3 player that delivers the words of comfort

Tumi the Talking Tiger has arrived in Australia all the way from Africa.

Tumi is the talking tiger that children love to hear - but Tumi is designed first and foremost for children who face life with illness, trauma, poverty or disability.

Tumi is soft, washable and hypo-allergenic. Tumi's MP3 player is robust and child friendly. It contains over 4 hours of audio, divided into 38 programmes ('chats'). These are written from a Christian perspective to comfort and encourage children and teach them Christian life skills.

At around 10cm x 6cm, Tumi is a very huggable size.

You can hear a Tumi chat or read Tumi's chat scripts.

Tumi the Talking Tiger has been used in Southern Africa by counsellors and in hospitals, police trauma rooms, children's homes and hospices. Tumi could be a useful addition to any church, Christian school or other organisation that may come into contact with children living through pain or trauma. Every child can benefit from a friendship with Tumi.

Our introductory offer is AU$50 for Tumi and the Megavoice MP3 player pre-loaded with Tumi's chats.

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