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The WavTools utility is designed to enable mass processing of WAV, MP3 and WMA files. It can:

  • convert WAV files to different sample sizes, sample rates and channels
  • convert WAV files to MP3 and WMA files of different bit rates
  • update the ID3 tags of MP3 files
  • create Image Script (ISC) files for burning WAV files to CD on MF-Digital duplicators

WavTools uses the SSRC utility for sample rate conversion, and the LAME utility to do MP3 file creation.

Some features of WavTools are particularly designed around GRN audio programs, but most are equally usable for any types of audio collections.

Download WavTools Utility (21.5MB) and the User Guide for WavTools.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows or compatible operating system.

Current version: (17 Nov 2013)

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