On Yakut 1 God's Plan of Salvation

On Yakut 1 God's Plan of Salvation

Balangkas: Plan of salvation in four points. Historical facts of Christ from different people and from the Gospels. Witnesses by Yakut speakers.

Bilang ng Talata: 378

Wika: English

Tema: Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience); Christ (Life of Christ); Living as a Christian (Leaving old way, begin new way, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus, Family, relationships, Christian values); Character of God (Love of God, Word of God (the Bible)); Bible timeline (Creation)

Tagapakinig: Atheist; General

Istilo: Monolog

Klase: Bible Stories & Teac

Layunin: Evangelism

Kawikaan mula sa Bibliya: Extensive

Katayuan: Approved

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Salita ng Talata

The best condition of a human is to live according to the plan of his Creator with closeness of God, which is one source of peace and happiness. But there are many things which can hinder that, so God gave us a way of salvation.

#1. God loves you and wants you to have peace with Him and life forever - that means life that is filled with His light and power. It is written in John 3:16, Rom. 5:1, John 10:10, God had created humans with a special purpose, and He wants peace for man and a happy life, but human kind of life of man does not bring peace and happiness.

#2. A man has to recognize why his relationship with God was broken. God created man according to His image and likeness and gave him a beautiful life in a garden. But He didn't create man as a robot which automatically follows His will. God gave to man a free choice between goodness and evil. Mankind chose to disagree with God and chose to disobey God and lived without God according to their will. The way of disobedience, pride, or just ignoring God is called in the Bible "sin." This sin separated man from God and stole from us eternal life. So between us and God is a great chasm - Is. 59:2, Rom. 3:23, Rom. 6:23. Men of all generations have tried to reach God by good works, religion, etc., and they tried to cross this canyon and find peace and happiness but it was not possible.

#3. There is only one way to reach God - that is Jesus Christ. God's way of salvation is Calvary's cross. Jesus Christ agreed to bear our punishment, and thus He paid for our sin. God has resurrected Jesus Christ and showed us that the relationship between man and God is reconstructed. Eternal life was lost, relationship was broken, peace was lost, God was on one side and the sinful man was on the other. Jesus Christ, the God-man, became a bridge which connected God and man. Only He can build the connection between God and man, - John 14:6; Rom. 5:8; Acts 4:12; II Cor. 5:19; Eph. 2:13,14.

#4. God has given to us peace but showed us the way of salvation. He has given us freedom of choice. You must make your choice - take or reject Jesus Christ and decide where you would like to be - Rev. 3:20; John. 1:12; I John 4:9,10; Rom. 10:9; Acts 17:30; I John 1:9; Eph. 2:8,9; Rom. 4:7. If you would like to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, you need to repent - (1) that means to change your attitude to God, and to sin; to figure out to leave your sinful life and old desires and start your new life with the help of Holy, Almighty God. (2), To believe that Jesus died for your sins, and for that reason, you can have peace with God. (3), To trust God completely and to agree that you are without power and trust the Spirit of God in all spheres of your life; to agree with God's leadership and with His will, which is in Scripture. If you believe all that, you can accept Jesus Christ right now by saying these words - "Our Heavenly Father, I know that I'm a sinner, that I am guilty before You. I believe that You hear me and that You put all my sins on You and You died for me on the cross. I believe You pardoned me. I want You to live in my heart and give me power to be obedient to You. I believe that You are my Saviour and Lord. I trust You to encourage my faith and teach me to love You and glorify You with Your other children." You can be sure that God will absolutely give eternal life to everyone that is converted to Him. I John 6:12,13; John 3:36; 5:24; 10:27-29.


History has known many men whose lives, activities, ideas and teachings have changed the course. The influence of these people expands for many years and even centuries. Among them we can see the names of Aristotle, Buddha, Darwin, Lenin, Marx and Mohammed. In line with them can be designers of plows, gunpowder, stirrup, waterwheel, clock, and many others whose names history has forgotten. In the first line of men which made serious influence to the life and culture of humanity is of course the man about whom this book is talking. His name is Jesus Christ. In fact, there are a lot of people who don't believe in the historical reality of Jesus. His being is certified by historical science beyond any doubt. The greatest historian of the world who was contemporary left for us witness to the reality of the being of Jesus. One of the greatest historians, Potsit (Tacitus), said about Jesus that He was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate. Pliny the governor of one of the eastern regions of the Roman Empire, wrote about Christians who agreed that Jesus was God. The Jewish historian of the first century of our era, Josephus, who wasn't a Christian, wrote about the life and ministry of Jesus, "who was Christ."

All these witnesses and other small comments are extremely important because they were made by men for whom the reality of Jesus and Christians was of no consequence. In addition to these documents made by enemies and disinterested authors, we get historical notes extremely important from friends and disciples. Therefore four of these documents from all time are certified as more accurate, complete, true and without mistakes compared to other sources. These stories got named "The Gospels" - that means "Good News." They are included in the book of first Christian literature, which is named the New Testament. The N.T. is part of the Bible. With the point of view of a scientist historian, these biographies made by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, are true and original. The Gospel of Luke starts with the short description, the method of historical investigations which is the same method of the Greek historian, F--.

For me, most important in the life and teaching of Jesus is that He called Himself the Son of God. That fact brings together in one idea, the material and spiritual aspect of life which overlooks the importance of all other men of history. In our time in any country, there are people who are sad and disappointed about the condition of the world. They are tired of war for victory or even just existence. Life for material stuff and even with victory is satisfaction for only a short period of time. Time runs out and everything is empty and without purpose. That shows people ideas about being in another vain material world system values, one world vision, emotion, and even reality of life after death. All of that convinced humanity more and more.

Jesus Christ, God-man, exposed this theme (illuminated) not just by His teaching but by His life. It's wrong to think that the teaching of Jesus only concerns the mind and spirit and doesn't address the material. It's wrong to see in Him just teaching of material life. Jesus by His life and teaching united these two worlds into one. And that is the reality in the life and mind of everyone who follows the commands of Jesus. Material and spirit, mind and faith become in the life of the believer the indivisible parts of one kind of life and world view (perspective). This book was written with the purpose to give an account of basic principles by simple language and method. These ideas attract people in USA, USSR and all other countries. It's really important for every man to beware of the importance of Jesus and His life. If we must carefully study the lives and teaching of important people, we must much more (study) the life and teaching of the God-man. Studying the life of Jesus opens new horizons for us. Let everyone listen and think carefully about the words of Jesus and let them penetrate our being.

On YAKUT I Poem - "Witness that God's Spirit is Love"

Yakutsk - by school girl

Witness of God's Spirit is Love. Witness of God's Spirit is Joy. Thanks and joy to God, Glory to God and Praise God. From darkness of sin Jesus Christ Saved us by His own blood and tears Save us with compassion and mercy to each person. Come in, Jesus, Don't delay, Come in.

Poem - "Jesus our Lighthouse"

Jesus the Lighthouse, by grandmother.

Jesus is Christ our life Jesus is Christ our love Our trustworthy friend He is light and soul His life soul invite us closer to eternal life, to a clean and light life We thank him because he open way to salvation through Calvary's cross and suffering Overcome defeat of dark sins Thank him in Calvary's cross, he defeats dark sins and open the way to salvation In Yakut language we worship his highest name Glory to you Holy Father Strong thanks to You Jesus Christ With plan of eternal life Your book the Bible Lets give light in His eternal life.

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