Gamitin ang GRN materyales sa inyong ministeryo ng pagtuturo ng Ingles!

Gamitin ang GRN materyales sa inyong ministeryo ng pagtuturo ng Ingles!

Ang pahinang itoy hindi magagamit sa kasalukuyan.

GRN audio-visual materials have been widely used by Christian workers as an evangelistic tool. It is exciting to learn of many of the diverse ways our resources are being put to use.

Judy Rowlands uses GRN Bible Picture Pack as a teaching resource for ESL (English as a Second Language) students in her ministry teaching English to Migrants. The following is an extract from her letter:

"I would like to introduce myself to you.  For more than two years now, I have been working full-time (in a voluntary capacity) as English as a Second Language ministry coordinator for the Presbyterian Church in NSW and beyond.  We are seeking to encourage our congregations to reach out to the many migrants in our communities via free English classes.

I have purchased a copy of your GRN Bible Pictures collection, which greatly impresses me . . . " -

These are just some of the ways in which this resource has been in implemented into her ESL teaching programs and units of work.

  • The GRN pictures provide stimulus and discussion starters: - Students can describe the pictures and develop key vocabulary

  • They introduce and enhance basic vocabulary including animals, colours and use more advanced vocabulary: action, expressions or events.

  • They foster comprehension: - Students/ children can be encouraged to retell the story using the pictures.

  • Pictures obtained from GRN media (in accordance with copyright) can be used to design lesson materials such as Q&A and sequencing activities, cloze passages, puzzles etc.

  • They can be used to tell the story of Jesus in a non threatening way to both adults and children.

The Picture Pack hand in hand with a digital projector or computer equipment could facilitate computer aided teaching and could also be used to create online games, quizzes and computer based tasks for ESL learners.

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