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<p>Arrival in Uganda

Arrival in Uganda

ఈ పేజీ తెలుగులో అందుబాటులో లేదు.
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Myanmar: a team of four from Australia travelled to Chin state where they participated in a church conference. Nellie, Mavis and Bridgett helped with the children's program and introduced them to GRN recordings and picture books. Frank was a keynote speaker and he and our Myanmarese team visited surrounding churches to present the ministry of GRN and encourage them to use our recordings in their outreach.

Philippines: our GRN team travelled to Mindoro Island where they have recorded several of the indigenous languages spoken on that island. They are now working on the editing and programming of those recordings. The recordings will be checked in readiness for a distribution outreach program planned for early next year.

Bangladesh and Pakistan: our teams have been recording in a couple of languages and have been out on several distribution trips.

Madagascar: after 15 years of praying, waiting, talking and preparing we have begun recording the Look, Listen and Live Series in the 12 different languages spoken on this island. Recording will take place over a few years. Some local people will be trained in the recording process too.

Uganda: Yousif (Australia) and Walter (Kenya) have visited refugee camps in Uganda. They have distributed Sabers and picture charts and trained church leaders in their use. Yousif is also recording in several languages spoken in the camps.

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