Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand December 2022

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Dear Prayer Partners,

"Immanuel" God with us! Not only is God with us, but He has not changed. Times change. It's waves have rocked us up and down, but God's faithfulness has held us close to his heart.

We just completed a 6 week recording team training course. Our prayers follow the 14 trainees who are taking a breather as they prepare for next steps. Methods introduced to them here will enable them to communicate the Good News of Immanuel to peoples who speak different languages. Not an easy task, but all things are possible with God and to those who believe.

Thanks so much for standing with us in prayer for these trainees and our daily requests for December.

Jon Rulison

Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand December 2022

1) (Thur) Pray for safety in travel for Kerry and Von as they depart for the USA today. Pray for health and strength as they visit family, friends and supporters. Pray they will get some needed rest. It will be a short busy time as they plan to return to Thailand before the end of January.

2) (Fri) From Dan and Na Tisdale: Please pray for a good safe trip for Daniel as he starts traveling to Chiangmai from the USA today to be with us for the month of December. Pray for a good time together. Also please pray for Tytus' USA citizenship interview to be scheduled and take place during Daniel's visit. Thank you.

3) (Sat) From the GRNT IT Team: Praise God that the GRNT office internet and equipment, and the equipment of the trainees, staff and teachers worked well throughout the RTTC with a couple of hiccoughs. Please pray for the one microphone and one speaker that didn't work, to be covered under their warranies.

4) (Sun) Praise God that all participants in the Recording Team Training Course (RTTC) have returned to their homes safely with recording equipment. Pray for refreshment for all trainees as they take some time with their families.

5) (Mon) Thank the Lord for the successful completion of our recent training course. The Lord helped Clair with ideas and energy, week by week. Now, please pray for the trainees, to be strengthened and guided as they return to difficult circumstances in their country. Pray for our GRNT team here, as we will continue working on the Thai Good News script in the new year. Clair will also be conducting some further training of the team in script preparation.

6) (Tue) Phu Thai Nakae and other groups in Nakhon Phanom: Please pray for the following: 1) Much spiritual fruit in lives from the annual regional camp held recently, 2) Provision of funds needed to pay for land in February for future ministry in Nakhon Phanom, 3) Building of the Nakae Church building, 4) God's blessing on the dedication of a church building in Kan Lueng District, 5) God to bless and use the new restaurant, a ministry of the local church, and 6) God's blessing on the "Experience Grace" outreach to youth at Christmas time.

7) (Wed) Trainees in the Recording Team Training Course held last month, and their leaders will be putting into practice methods taught as they begin following plans for language groups that need their careful attention. Pray for wisdom and open doors.

8) (Thur) Phu Thai and Other Groups in Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan Provinces: Please pray for the following: 1) Encouragement, wisdom, good health and safety in travel for Pastor Meesak and Pastor Wichai and their families as they serve the Lord, 2) God's blessing on discipling people and reaching the goal to have 4 new cell groups by the end of 2022, and 3) Wisdom and God's blessing in following up new believers.

9) (Fri) Please pray for God's blessing as GRNT joins with Karen Sgaw Christians in a Christmas outreach at Mae Seuk Village this evening.

10) (Sat) Thai Song Dam (from Suphanburi Province) and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom for Ploy as she prepares and teaches the children during Christmas, 2) God's blessing and His eternal work in hearts during the following Christmas outreaches: Don Klang Church on the 10th, Bo Samran Village on the 11th, Jaeng Ngam School on the 23rd, and the Ugong village on the 24th, and 3) A meaningful Christmas celebration at the village church, joined by the daughter church (Ruam Prapon Church).

11) (Sun) Lawa in Pae Village: Please pray for the following: 1) Growth and much fruit from a new cell group which meets every Thursday in Pae Village, 2) Strength and good health for Rut, and strength for her husband, Rod, as he cares for her, 3) Strength for Chat as he has returned to his village to work, 4) Dough's mother to open her heart and trust in Jesus with no regrets or doubts, and 5) Sufficient finances for the Christmas celebration on the 11th, and the guardians of the children in the Compassion project to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

12) (Mon) Boy's family: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom and strength for Boy and Aom as they serve the Lord, and safety in travel this month, 2) Good health for the whole family, and finances to travel to visit the families of both Boy and Aom, 3) Boy's family to all walk closely with Christ, and 4) Good health for Boy's parents, who live in Petchabun Province, and for them to walk closely with Christ.

13) (Tue) Yoy and Other Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength for Da as she cares for an elderly lady, and strength for her husband as he serves the Lord, 2) All of the members of Akat Amnuai Church to be strong and grow in their faith, and 3) Good health for Song Phan's family, and God's will for Oat as he takes a Korean language exam.

14) (Wed) Bible School students from Word of Life School in S. Korea visit us this afternoon to learn from us how to prepare for missionary service. Pray for an informed time of learning led by the Holy Spirit.

15) (Thur) Please pray for wisdom and the right opportunity for GRNT to visit and encourage the Moken in South Thailand.

16) (Fri) Isaan and other Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom, good health and sufficient finances for Pastor Prasit and his family as they serve God at Khon San Church, 2) God's blessing on the Christmas celebration and outreach on 18 December, 3) Bee as she prepares to attend Bible school in Bangkok next year, and as she studies English, and 4) Strength, good health, and sufficient income from their sales business for Pastor Supote and his family, and June's family.

17) (Sat) Ugong Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Encouragement for the family of the village headman as his father died last month, 2) Jum's daughter and Khampi's daughter to both be able to get pregnant soon, 3) Strength and wisdom for Pastor Chalao and her team as they have a Christmas service in the Ugong village on the 24th, and 4) The Holy Spirit to open the hearts of all of the adults and children so that they will receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

18) (Fri) Pastor Peik, who used to do outreach to the Mpi, will be having a Christmas outreach to local Northern Thai people in the town of Chiangkham on 24 December. Please pray for God's blessing and work in hearts.

19) (Sun) Nyah Kur and Isaan Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health, the provision of every need, and protection for B and G during the winter season, 2) Protection for Thep as he works, and for him to be close to the Lord, attend church regularly, and be a good example to his wife's family, 3) Santi, Jong, Chai, Maew and Nang to all hunger more for God, 4) Good health for the church leaders in every place, and wisdom as they share Christ in various venues during the Christmas season, and 5) Encouragement and strength for Kaet as he cares for his mother who is ill and bedridden.

20) (Mon) The disciples had been serving many people as they followed Jesus. There were many coming and going. He noticed their weariness and said, "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while" (Mark 6:31). Pray the GRNT family would have a restful Christmas break.

21) (Tue) So Thavung Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health for Net and Sala, who helped translate the GRN script, and for them to hunger more for God and read His Word, 2) Unity between 8-year-old Nam Phu's guardians as they care for his health and oversee his diet as he needs to lose weight, 3) Good health for everyone in the village, and for all of the believers to not forget the Lord, 4) Sufficient rain for the crops of all of the farmers, and 5) Safety in travel, wisdom, strength and good health for Pastor Lek and his family, Pastor Apisit (Pastor Lek's father) and his family, and Pastor Wirat and his family as they serve God.

22) (Wed) Vietnamese in Northeast Thailand: Please pray for the following: 1) Safety in travel, good health, and wisdom in studying English for Pastor Tam's family as they serve God, 2) Wisdom and good health for all God's servants in Nakhon Phanom and Mukdahan Provinces as they share Christ and His message and love during the Christmas season, and 3) The Holy Spirit to open the eyes and hearts of everyone who hears to receive and respond to the Gospel.

23) (Thur) GRNT prepared about 200 MP3 players with Karen Sgaw recordings for someone who will distribute them. Please pray for the people who listen to the recordings to be encouraged spiritually and respond to God as He speaks to them.

24) (Fri) Phu Thai Renu and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Safety in travel, good health and wisdom for the Christian leaders to follow up the believers, 2) God's blessing on the preparations for Christmas activities and outreach, for sufficient finances and eternal fruit, and 3) Good health for all of the church members and for them to grow in their faith.

25) (Sat) Thai Song Dam Group in Kanchanaburi Province: Please pray for the following: 1) God's Word to go out in love and power to the children and their guardians at the Christmas outreach 25 December, 2) Wisdom and good health for Pastor Song, and 3) People in the local community to open their hearts and truly receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

26) (Mon) Nyeu people group: Please pray for wisdom for GRNT as they plan to go and meet with Nyeu villagers to discuss recording in their language, whether the Nyeu want recordings and if so, what content to record.

27) (Tue) Maethee, Anna and Rappon (Lot and Muang's children): Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom, a good time learning, and safety in travel daily for Maethee as he does his final internship in Lamphun Province near Chiangmai, and 2) Wisdom and strength for Anna as she does her internship at Payap University.

28) (Wed) Nyaw Group: Please pray for wisdom and God's direction for the Nyaw concerning plans and timing to build a church building.

29) (Thur) Please pray for GRNT to have a good opportunity to visit Akeu Christian leaders and pastors to talk about recording in their language. Pray for wisdom, and that the Akeu will desire to have such recordings.

30) (Fri) Please pray for strength and good health for Jaew, and for continued wisdom for her in her work.

31) (Sat) Pray for Forest and Lauren as they relocate to Colorado at the end of January. Forest will be working at Blue Canyon near Denver, and Lauren will take a new nursing position. It's a new phase of life for them. Pray especially that they will find a good church and Christian community.

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