AIDS, Before and After

План-конспект: Dialogue. Description of AIDS, how someone gets AIDS, results of AIDS, how to avoid getting AIDS. How to receive Christ. About 30 minutes long.

Номер текста: 437

Язык: English

Тема: Belief System (Witchcraft, paganism); Lifestyle (Medical); Living as a Christian (Peace with God, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus, Christian values); Character of God (Grace and Mercy); Problems (Sickness)

Aудитория: General

Стиль: Dialog

Жанр: Messages and Fiction

Цель: Teaching; Welfare

Библейская цитата: Extensive

статус: Approved

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Текст программы

A 1. Hello, my friend!

B 2. Hello.

C 1. You look unhappy. What's the matter?

D 2. I'm very worried about one of my friends.

E 1. What's the matter with him?

F 2. He's very sick. His body is just getting thinner and thinner. The doctor told him that he has AIDS. Do you know anything about AIDS? What is it?

G 1. AIDS is a terrible disease caused by a virus called HIV. This disease is out of control right now, throughout the whole world.

H 2. Isn't AIDS just an invention of the whites to discourage lovers?

I 1. No, it's not an invention of the whites, but it's a reality. It's the plague of the century which touches every country in the world. The situation is so alarming that the radio, the press, and the television talk about it every day.

J 2. I don't know much about AIDS. What is it, exactly?

K 1. When we have good health, our body can fight off many diseases. We have a strong immune system. But the HIV virus that causes AIDS destroys the defenses of the body. When any other disease comes along, the body has no immunity, and can't fight back. AIDS has become such a problem in our country that people who don't understand it say the illness is caused by sorcery, by poisoning, or even as a result of witchcraft.

L 2. Hmmm. That seems very serious. What is it like?

M 1. It is a very contagious, deadly disease. It is an unquestionable danger to the life of men, women, and children.

N 2. Contagious! Well, how does a person catch it?

O 1. The main way you can catch it is by having sexual relations with an infected person. Ninety percent of the AIDS epidemic is spread this way. In some countries, this is especially a problem with homosexuals. But AIDS is also spread by the re-use of metal instruments which have been contaminated with blood from an infected person, like needles, razor blades, and lancets. So drug users who share dirty needles are highly at risk. And it can also be spread by blood transfusions, if the blood has not been thoroughly tested. And in addition, babies of infected mothers can also get it when they are born.

P 2. So, who is most likely to catch it?

Q 1. Immoral people, that is, those who carry out a carefree and unwise life with multiple sexual partners. For instance, in certain villages, the women make the round of the men and the men make the round of the women. Such immoral practices allow a whole community to be infected.

R 2. Well, how about married couples? Can they get infected?

S 1. Ah, yes, they can. Actually, any husband or wife who indulges in infidelity or vice can be exposed just as well as any unmarried person who is immoral. One married partner can catch this disease and contaminate the other. An unfaithful husband can infect his wife, even if she has remained faithful.

T 2. So - what's going to happen to everyone because of AIDS?

U 1. Many sad things are happening already:
- First, the deaths of most of the working population, particularly those of child-bearing age.
- This results in many children being left without parents. Sometimes the elderly people have to care for the orphans.
- Financial costs are very heavy. Medicines to help infected people are very expensive, and sick people often can't work to support their families.
- An infected person is sometimes rejected by the community and even by his own friends and family.

V 2. Is it easy to tell if a person has AIDS?

W 1. Not at the beginning. People with HIV are apparently quite healthy for a while. But they can contaminate the healthy people, especially if they have sex with them.

X 2. If this disease is so contagious, should a person who has AIDS get married?

Y 1. It's very important for couples who wish to marry to first be tested for HIV. A person who is infected must be taught about the danger of infecting the spouse. Remember that AIDS is a fatal disease. If a person is contaminated, it is very dangerous to marry, because both of the partners could die from it.

Z 2. Hmmm. Tell me, what is the treatment for AIDS?

AA 1. So far, there is no cure for AIDS. Some medicines may help the symptoms and prolong life, but they don't cure the disease of AIDS. These medicines are expensive and not always available.

AB 2. Can vaccination be considered?

AC 1. There is no vaccine to prevent it.

AD 2. No vaccine! No remedy in sight? Does that mean that everyone in the world will get AIDS and die?

AE 1. No! Do you think that everyone carries out a carefree and immoral life?

AF 2. Ah, I see. But as there is no treatment, what should be done? --Is it possible to avoid catching AIDS?

AG 1. Yes, it is possible. But beware of the counsel of the world! It's important for everyone to understand that once you have gotten the HIV virus, there is no way for you to get rid of it. Giving it to anyone else will not take it away from you. You can share the virus and make someone else die just like you, but you will still have it and still die from it. Now, the men of the world recommend the use of the condom to stop you from getting the virus. The authorities often distribute packages of condoms in the schools, in public places, and even in the churches, thinking that they have found the solution that will bar the road to AIDS.

AH 2. In the schools and the churches, that seems strange!

AI 1. Ah yes, it is the sad truth. They think that this will help young people to act wisely and to be safe, but giving them condoms only encourages sex outside of marriage.

AJ 2. So--is this really the way to fight effectively against this terrible disease?

AK 1. No, not really. Many young people, and even some Christian young people, sometimes practice wrong and dangerous sexual behavior.

AL 2. My friend was like that. He would brag that he had known many girls. A few years ago, he was really healthy and strong. But now, he has become skin and bones, and weakened by the disease.

AM 1. I'm so sorry about your friend. Unfortunately, some young people even joke about AIDS. They say that people only try to frighten them with these stories of AIDS. For them, AIDS is only for others. They think that it's normal to have sex with any partners they want.

AN 2. I'm wondering -- doesn't handing out condoms to our children encourage them to become immoral?

AO 1. Yes. It's heart-breaking. We lead our children to physical, moral and spiritual destruction, by encouraging them to use condoms.

AP 2. Explain this to me. Don't condoms protect us from getting AIDS?

AQ 1. Condoms were only designed to prevent pregnancy! If the condom really prevented AIDS, would the rate of new infections be increasing the way it is today? The reality is that a condom does not always function effectively:
- It can tear.
- It can be misused; or, a partner may refuse to use it.
- Some condoms are even porous. The tiny virus can pass through it.
God said in His book, the Bible: "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." [1]

AR 2. Okay. But, I wonder if anyone can catch AIDS by ordinary, everyday contacts with people who have it?

AS 1. We can have everyday contact with AIDS patients without any risk, provided that our hands don't have any open wounds. However, it is safest to wear gloves when helping them. Actually, sharing the same toilets, using the same showers, shaking hands, and sleeping in the same bed with them will not give us AIDS. One catches the HIV virus when contacting blood and other body fluids of the infected people. The virus is in their body fluids, not on their dry skin.

AT 2. Well, now, knowing all these facts, what should we do to avoid getting AIDS?

AU 1. To avoid being contaminated, it is necessary to:
- Abstain from all sexual intercourse except in your own marriage.
- Remain faithful to your husband or wife.
- And, go only to private clinics or hospitals where instruments such as syringes, needles, and lancets are sterilized correctly.

AV 2. That makes sense.

AW 1.
- Always use new disposable instruments with sharp metal, such as razor blades. You should never buy injections from travelling merchants. Pharmacies, private clinics and hospitals are the best places to get injections.
- Remain careful at the time of blood transfusions. Only accept transfusions in hospitals, where blood has been thoroughly tested in advance.
- And, use rubber gloves if you give care to a person infected with HIV.

AX 2. So, what should I be remembering, when I visit my friend?

AY 1. You should avoid the body fluids of an infected person. Always wash yourself after any contact with the patient.

AZ 2. Should I be careful in what I eat?

BA 1. Avoid butchering, cooking, or eating the meat of wild African monkeys that might carry the virus.

BB 2. Then, what do you say about the condom?

BC 1. Using a condom is not a guarantee to protect anyone from AIDS. The world recommends this way because it does not want to obey the teaching of God. God speaks rather about abstinence and fidelity. Sexual relations before marriage are not approved by God. He prohibits adultery and unfaithfulness to one's marriage partner. In His book, the Bible, God commanded that we should not commit adultery. [2] That means a husband must only have sexual relations with his own wife, and a wife only with her own husband.

BD 2. Is that possible -- that a person could keep away from an immoral sexual life, and remain faithful only to his spouse?

BE 1. Yes, it is possible. But for some people, it is not easy. A man may not have any strength by himself to resist temptation, because of our weak and sinful nature. Sexual temptation is common to everyone. The Bible says that each one is tempted by his own desire. Then the desire gives rise to sin. When sin reaches its complete development, it results in death.[3] But when we become Christians, the Holy Spirit who comes to live in us gives the strength and the self-discipline to resist temptation and to follow the will of God.

BF 2. How could someone do the will of God? How can we live according to God's commandments?

BG 1. Dear friend, listen carefully. With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do the will of God while obeying the laws that God gave us. Then we will live in harmony with Him. The Bible teaches: "A man will leave his father and his mother and will attach himself to his wife, and both will be only one flesh." [4] Sexual relations between the members of the married couple, and only between them as they are faithful to each other, is a valuable gift from God.

BH 2. So what does God think about sex outside of marriage?

BI 1. To have, even once, sexual intercourse outside of marriage (either before or after the wedding) is an offense against the laws of God. It is also a sin against the spouse, and even against their own children. But people disobey God. They do not want to do what God commands. Many prefer to live the way they want to, and do whatever seems good to them. They deliver themselves to shameful and irresponsible immorality.

(BJ 1.) Sometimes others lead them into a life of impurity.

Optional: (NOTE TO THE RECORDIST: Do not translate the following paragraph unless it refers to a cultural practice used in the area for which you record. If you use this paragraph, have person 2, not person 1, say "BJ," the sentence which is the last above, "Sometimes others lead them into this life of impurity.")

BK [1. Yes, it is true. For example, in our tribe we have the ? ceremony. Men need to do ? with women/men. Since these acts are between people who are not married, they are against what God teaches in the Bible. In these periods, God can give us the power to overcome temptation and to do what is right like a Christian ought to do.] (A cultural practice which is immoral can be used here.)

BL 2. So, how did all this get started? Did the AIDS epidemic originate in immorality and impurity?

BM 1. Not in the beginning. It began as a virus in monkeys. But afterwards, AIDS spread among men and became one of the consequences of sin. By this epidemic, God, in his love, informs us that He sees what we do. He reminds us that He is not indifferent to our sins, but He hates and detests them. These sins have far-reaching consequences, and many innocent people also die because of the sins of the guilty ones.

BN 2. Does God condemn immorality?

BO 1. Ah yes. He hates every sin. Sin separates us from God and leads to death. Let us remember how God once destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire, because of the sin of immorality.[5] Sin is disobedience to the laws of God. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death.[6] Physical death leads to eternal punishment in hell.

BP 2. Hell? I've heard of that. What is it?

BQ 1. Hell is the place of eternal fire where all people will go who do not want to obey God. People in hell will suffer forever. It is an isolated place where one cannot receive assistance. There is no friend or love in hell. Only pain, punishment, and suffering exist in that awful place of torment. This terrible place is reserved for Satan and all those who refuse to obey God.

BR 2. Does this mean that God really is angry with us, then?

BS 1. Yes, but you can easily see why. Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, criminal sexual intercourse with children or with animals, and incest, are today widespread in our cities and villages. Homosexuality is legalized now in certain countries. Such abominations certainly attract the anger of God on humanity. Sin is worse than the disease of AIDS, because sin that violates the law of God condemns us to an eternity in hell, the lake of fire.

BT 2. Whoa. So what exactly is the position of man before God?

BU 1. The Bible declares that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.[7] There is none righteous in the earth, not even one. We are all sinners. We are all guilty before God. We have all violated the law of God. We are separated from God, and all people are lost.

BV 2. All people are lost? But is there any hope for us sinners?

BW 1. Yes, there is hope. God, in his love, offers freely to all men, victims of AIDS or not, only one solution to our problem of sin. This single solution is Jesus Christ, Who came from God to be our Savior.

BX 2. Ah, yes. I have heard of Him.

BY 1. God is holy and just. His law says that the wages of sin is death. He cannot simply erase any sin without the death of the culprit. In order that the justice of God could be satisfied, it was necessary that an innocent one should die in our place. Only Jesus Christ, who is holy, innocent, pure, and without any sin could satisfy the justice of God. Jesus came to the earth to give His life. He was nailed onto the cross.

BZ 2. I thought that back then, only the worst criminals would be crucified like that.

CA 1. That's right! Only the worst criminals would be execuated on the cross. But Jesus Christ, who was without any sin of His own, carried the heavy burden of our sins to the cross, in order to reconcile us to God. It is because of your sins and my sins that He suffered that punishment. He took on Himself our sin and our shame. He gave His life voluntarily. He underwent the anger and the curse of God, and the abandonment by God that we deserved. But this sad story has a happy ending. Although Jesus died on the cross, He did not remain dead. Three days later, He came alive again. Jesus overcame death! He is alive forevermore. Now, Jesus has the power to give us eternal life. Jesus Christ is the only means that God offers to us to reconcile ourselves with Him.

CB 2. Does this mean that Jesus is the only way God offers us for the forgiveness of our sins?

CC 1. Yes! Jesus Christ is the only remedy for our sins. It is wonderful to have a remedy, but still, it should it be taken! God does not force anybody. But He commands all people in all places to repent from their sins and to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible says that we must turn from our sins and cry to God. God will forgive us if we will only receive Jesus as our Savior and Lord. The Bible says, "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord." [6]

CD 2. How can we receive Jesus Christ into our lives?

CE 1. If you want to receive Jesus Christ into your life you must:
- Admit that you are a lost sinner and that by your own efforts, you do not have any hope.
- Confess all your sins to Jesus and give up your old life of sin.
- Invite Jesus into your heart so that the Holy Spirit comes to live in you. He will give you the ability to live in the good way that He wants you to live. Any person who receives Christ into his or her life, becomes a child of God. He obtains forgiveness of his sins, and with it, eternal life.

CF 2. How can we know that God forgives us?

CG 1. The Bible is the Word of God. It is the Truth. God cannot lie. God always keeps his promises. He has written: "People who cover their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and forsake them, they will receive mercy." [8] The Bible also says: ''If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse from every wrong."[9]

CH 2. But what do you say about people who have AIDS? Can God save them? Can God cure them?

CI 1. The people who have AIDS should not despair. God loves all men, victims of AIDS or not. God offers salvation to all men, without exception. He invites them to accept Jesus and repent, in order to give them eternal life. It is sin which is at the base of all our problems. When a person believes in Jesus, he confesses all his sins to Him, gives up his old life of sin, and invites Jesus into his life. Then, he obtains peace with God. He will not have to be punished for his sin in hell. About the people who have AIDS - it is true, that sometimes God does heal the body. But what is much more important to God, is our spiritual healing. God promises, to all those who receive His Son Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, eternal life with Him in Heaven.

CJ 2. I want to have this peace with God. Can you help me?

CK 1. I am happy to help you. Say this prayer with me: "Holy Father, I am a sinner. I am sorry for the life which I have led. I believe in Jesus. Please forgive me, because I believe that Jesus paid for all my sins on the cross. I want to be free of my sin and to obey Your will from now on, but I know I do not have the strength in myself to live this way. Thank you for the gift for the eternal life that You offer me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you because you sent your Son Jesus to die in my place. I invite Jesus into my life so that He will be my Savior and Lord. Take control of all of my life. May Your Holy Spirit live in my heart and give me strength to obey You. Help me from now on to live according to Your will. Amen. "

CL 2. Amen! Thank you. I have prayed this prayer sincerely, with all my heart.

CM 1. That's wonderful! Now that you have just received Jesus into your life, try to find other believers, or a church, who can help you know Jesus better, and walk with Him each day. Other believers will encourage your faith to triumph over all temptations, and teach you God's Word from the Bible. Talk to God from your heart every day, because He is always there to hear you and help you.

CN 2. Yes! I will do it. Thank you so much! This makes me very happy!


Optional: CO (Advertisement: After the message is finished, some lines can be added to advise the listeners to the availability of other information on AIDS or on the Bible: radio broadcasts, correspondence courses, etc.)

Bible References (do not record):
[1] Proverbs 14:12
[2] Exodus 20:14
[3] James 1:14,15
[4] Genesis 2:24
[5] Genesis 19
[6] Romans 6:23
[7] Romans 3:23
[8] Proverbs 28:13
[9] I John 1:9

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