Sermon on the Christian Life

План-конспект: Straightforward explanation of being born again; of sin and the need of cleansing and new life. Need of true repentance and faith. Forgiveness and new life is the result.

Номер программы:117
Тема:Cleanse, purify; Church, Christianity; Second Birth; Holy Spirit; Repentance; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus; Sin, disobedience; Eternal / everlasting life; Spiritual Life
Целевая аудитория:Hindu; General
Жанр:Bible Stories & Teac
Уровень сложности:General
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Текст программы

I would like to tell you what is necessary for you to do in order that you may be a real, true Christian, - one who is born from above. Jesus said that you "must be born again," or from above, if you would enter the kingdom of God. Children are born into the world, given life from their parents, and when they are born, because of this life, they become citizens of this world. They see its beauties, they hear its sounds, they touch its objects, and they hold communion with the people who are living there. Take away that life and they are dead, are no longer world citizens.

Jesus said if we would be citizens of the kingdom of God, it is necessary that we receive a new life, a god-life, so that we can see the kingdom, hear those who live there with us, touch them spiritually, and have communion with them. This kingdom is all about us, but we are dead to it until we receive that Christ to dwell in us; and as He is the life, the moment we receive Him, we pass from spiritual death to life and that life is eternal.

Since we desire to have that life, there are some things we must ask God to do for us, to us, and in us, that we may receive Him, the life which is God Himself. Sin has made us unclean and it is impossible that a holy God would live in the unclean house of our hearts. Jesus shed His blood that the Holy Spirit might take this blood of Jesus Christ, and by applying it to our hearts, cleanse them, so that the Holy Spirit might now come into them. When He comes in, Jesus Christ comes in with Him, and so having Him indwelling us, we have the spiritual life, which enables us to see, hear, touch, and come into fellowship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Pray then that God may help you to repent sincerely and to truly believe, so that the Holy Spirit may take your sinful, unclean hearts, which are full of all iniquity, and cleanse all these foul things entirely away. So well will He answer your prayer that when He gets through, He will have created a clean heart within you and renewed a right spirit within you. You will be alive with God, alive to God, born again, and from above. Christ will give to you eternal life and that life is in Himself. Do you desire this God-life here and now? You say, "Yes." Then cry to Him for true repentance and real faith. He will create them in you by His Word and Spirit. He will forgive you, assure you that you are forgiven, and will at once come in to live in and with you forevermore. So you will have Christ-life, God's life, and will have everlasting life. Will you receive Christ, your New Life, now?

Add scripture, if time permits. John 3:7 etc.