Script Library - Tagalog

Script Library - Tagalog

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Global Recordings Network has recorded gospel messages and basic Bible teaching in more than 6000 languages and dialects. The recordings have been made from scripts selected from this list and other sources.

Os roteiros são guias básicos para a tradução e gravação em outros idiomas. Devem ser adaptados de acordo com a cultura e a língua de cada região, para fazê-lo relevante. Certos termos e conceitos podem precisar de uma explicação adicional ou mesmo serem omitidos no contexto de certos grupos culturais.

Scripts in Tagalog

Ang pagbabalik ni Kristo

(The Return of Christ) - Tells of Christ's promise to return. How, why, and when. What will happen to the unsaved. Must be ready. Invitation. 2 narrators take turns talking.

Ang paglikha at kaligtasan ng tao

(Creation and Redemption (dialogue)) - Introduces local belief of origin of man by a question. Biblical account of creation, fall and redemption follows. S.E. introduced as creation is mentioned. Simple invitation concludes. Adaptable to local beliefs. Easily made into monolog by deleting second person's comments. Virtually the same content as the monologue # 19 "Creation and Redemption of Man."

Ang tanging tagapagligtas

(The Only Saviour) - Dramatized story of dying girl who finds no help or comfort in her belief in penance, works, prayers to saints. Her brother explains that Christ is the only mediator and the only way to heaven. Use with caution in Catholic areas.

Buhay Kristiano

(The Christian Life) - Allegory type of presentation. Dramatized. Life is like a crowded road - all carry heavy burdens - load of sin. One hears the call to come for rest and responds amid jeers of crowd. His load disappears, and Jesus walks beside him.

Huwag kang matakot

(Fear Not) - Directs questions to listener about his fears. Fear of death, future, spirits, other. Those trusting Jesus (who has all power) need not fear these things. Two speakers take turns narrating. This translation replaces the last paragraph and verses with an invitation to come to Jesus for help finding a solution to whatever problems you may be facing.

Pinapayapa ni Jesus ang bagyo

(Jesus Calms the Storm) - Story of Christ asleep in the boat, etc. from Matt.8. Application for the unsaved. Prayer of repentance. Two narrators take turns talking.

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