True Words About God

Esboço: God made everything; hates evil. Man's sin; God's provision - Jesus. Jesus' life on earth, miracles, death, resurrection. Invitation. Very short sentences.

Número do roteiro: 132

Idioma: English

Tema: Redemption; Love of God; Son of God; Nature, character of God; Creation; Word of God (the Bible); Life of Christ; Heaven; Punishment for guilt

Público alvo: Animist

Estilo: Monolog

Tipo: Exhortation

Sofisticação: Simple

Propósito: Evangelism

Passagem bíblica: None

Estado: Approved

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Texto do roteiro

Who made the wind? Who made the rivers? Who made the land? Who made man? I am going to tell you. God's Word tells us quite plainly. God's Word is all truth. It is an old, old book of counsel. It gives counsel on all phases of life.

God is in heaven. He made everything. He gave everything. He gives food and water. God loves all men. He loves all women. He does not love evil. From heaven, God was looking down. Man was doing evil. God advised man this way, "I do not like evil things." "Don't do evil things." "You do evil things, then, when you die, your soul won't come to live with Me."

Man did not listen. He did evil. He told lies. He stole. He got angry. He did many other bad things. Because of doing this, man died, and his soul did not go to God's place. God was sad. He was thinking about man. "How can I bring man to heaven?"

God had just one Son. This Son and God were the same substance. The Son did no evil. He was only good. This Son's name was Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ also loved man. He thought this way," I myself will take away man's punishment." "After I have taken away man's punishment, the soul of man can come to heaven."

Jesus came down from heaven. He lived on earth. He did only good. When people were sick they came to Jesus, and Jesus made them well. Wicked men did not love Jesus. They killed Him. But Jesus, dying, took man's punishment. Jesus paid the price for evil in the case of every man.

Jesus died, but He came back to life again. Now He lives. He has made a way to heaven for every one. Call upon Him. He will take away your punishment. He will help you day by day. He will keep you from doing evil. He will be with you always. He will take you to heaven when you die. Talk to Him. Let Him be your God. He wants to be your God.

He is good. He can make you good. You cannot please God without Jesus. God gives you food and water. God gives you Jesus for your soul. God does not want you to die and suffer punishment. He gave Jesus to you. Only Jesus can keep you from punishment. Only Jesus can make you good. Only Jesus can bring you to heaven. Let Him be your God.