Merchant seafarers hear the gospel

Merchant seafarers hear the gospel

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"Thankyou for your recent parcel of cassettes which are being used to reach the merchant seafarers in this port with the gospel. There was an Indonesian crew member in port recently, who took an interest in the gospel. He would not take any literature in Indonesian offered, but when I showed him the cassette in his heart language, he quickly put it into his pocket saying 'This is for me', and took it away to his cabin. His spiritual hunger made him take the risk with the cassette, and we pray many more will do so.

"A couple of weeks ago I gave a Gujarati cassette to a Hindu seaman. His cabin is filled all sorts of pictures of all sorts of 'deities'. He showed me his battered and ancient cassette player and how he was playing the Gujarati cassette I had given him - I can only pray that the truth of the gospel will penetrate his spiritual darkness, and I am thankful your cassette is available to him."

from the port of Melbourne

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