Nepali: Pokhara language

Language name: Nepali: Pokhara
ISO Language Name: Nepali (individual language) [npi]
GRN Language Number: 2524
Language State: Verified
ROD Dialect Code: 02524

Sample of Nepali: Pokhara

Nepali Pokhara - Russurection.mp3

Audio recordings available in Nepali: Pokhara

These recordings are designed for evangelism and basic Bible teaching to bring the gospel message to people who are not literate or are from oral cultures, particularly unreached people groups.

Words of Life

(Download  MP3 in Nepali: Pokhara) Short audio Bible stories and evangelistic messages that explain salvation and give basic Christian teaching. Each program is a customised and culturally relevant selection of scripts, and may include songs and music. .

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Recordings in other languages that contain some parts in Nepali: Pokhara

Words of Life Download Words of Life MP3 in Nepali: Pokhara (in Rai, Sampang)

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Other names for Nepali: Pokhara

Nepali: Pokhra

Where Nepali: Pokhara is spoken


Languages related to Nepali: Pokhara

People Groups who speak Nepali: Pokhara

Adibasi; Arain, Muslim; Badhai, Muslim; Badhi, Hindu; Badhi, Muslim; Bahra Gaunle; Bairagi, Hindu; Banjara, Hindu; Bankariya; Barhamu; Bari, Hindu; Bhangi, Hindu; Bharbhunja, Hindu; Bhat, Hindu; Bhat, Muslim; Bhoi, Muslim; Bhote; Bhotia, Kagate, Yehlmo; Bhotia, Sikkim; Bhuinhar; Bhuyiar; Biar, Hindu; Bote-Majhi; Brahman; Brahman, Halbani; Brahman, Hill; Brahman, Jijhotia; Brahman, Joshi; Brahman, Jyoti; Brahman, Kanaujia; Brahman, Khandelwal; Brahman, Maha; Brahman, Sakaldwipi; Brahman, Sanadhya; Brahman, Sawaria; Brahman, Terai; Brahman, Vyas; Buna, Hindu; Chepang; Chhairottan; Chhantyal; Chhetri; Chidimar; Christian unspecified; Churaute; Danuwar; Darjee; Darzi, Hindu; Darzi, Muslim; Dharkar; Dhobi, Muslim; Dom, Muslim; Dura; Faqir; Gandharva; Gangai; Ganghar; Gharti; Ghosi, Muslim; Gonrhi; Gosain, Hindu; Gurung; Halwai, Muslim; Hudke; Jat, Sikh; Kabadi; Kahar, Muslim; Kalwar, Muslim; Kami; Khambu; Khas; Kisan; Kumal; Kusunda; Limbu; Lohara; Lohar, Hindu; Magar; Majhi; Manihar; Merat, Muslim; Nau Buddh; Nepalese; Newah; Pahari; Paharia; Pasi, Hindu; Phri; Qassab; Rai; Rajput, Bais, Hindu; Rajput, Bisen; Rajput, Dikhit; Rajput, Gautam; Rajput, Janwar; Rajput, Kalhan; Rajput, Kausik; Rajput, Nagbansi; Rajput, Nau; Rajput, Palwar; Rajput, Raikwar; Rajput, Saithwar; Rajput, Sirnet; Rajput, Surajbansi; Sarki; Shaikh; Sherpa; Siyar; Sonar, Hindu; Sunuwar; Tajpuriya; Tamboli, Hindu; Tangbe; Tawaif, Muslim; Teli, Muslim; Thakali; Thakuri; Thami; Tokpegola; Yehlmo;

Information about Nepali: Pokhara

Other information: Semi-literate; Understand Guru., English, Hindu; Mixed Religion; Acculurated.

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