Canada Praise and Prayer - July 2022

ਇਹ ਸਫ਼ਾ ਅੰਗਰੇਜ਼ੀ ਵਿਚ ਇਸ ਵੇਲੇ ਉਪਲੱਬਧ ਨਹੀ ਹੈ.

1. Kenya - The team is planning on recording at least three languages this year in Uganda. The cost is over $9,000 U.S.. Pray that the language helpers and the funds will be available, when needed.

2. Kenya - GRN focuses on audio recordings with the addition of large colourful pictures that accompany some of the Bible teaching material. There is an ongoing need to reprint these picture books. Pray that they will be a blessing to churches as they use these materials.

3. Kenya - Pray for Walter Okelo, as he arranges opportunities to distribute the GRN materials.

4. Philippines - The team requests prayer as they travel to MIindoro Island this month. They will see the work that is being done on the translation by the local volunteers.

5. Philippines - While on Mlindoro Island they will be recording material for the Buhid language group. They live in the remotest area of the island. Their villages are under the control of the rebel groups operating in the country. Please uphold the team, that they will be successful in making the recordings.

6. Philippines - Continue to pray for the team as they explore other language groups on Mlindoro Island.

7. Mexico - Pray for Francisco, as he researches the recording needs for the Chiapas language.

8. Mexico - Pray for Ariadna Montes, who is finishing recording the Yolox's Chinanteco language.

9. Mexico - Pray for Chuy Tejeda, as he looks for language helpers to record the Mazahua language. He is also in Baja California this month to train a new coordinator for the area. Chuy will also be promoting the ministry of GRN in some local churches.

10. Indian Ocean - Dalene from South Africa asks for prayer for a coworker Joel who is recording on an Indian Ocean Island.

11. South America - Pray for Gustavo Calixt. He has some health concerns that he is currently receiving medical help, for while in Mexico. Pray that he will quickly recover and that antibiotics will have a positive effect. He is eager to record some languages while he is in Mexico. He has been working in South America and desires to return there in the future.

12. Indonesia - Pray for Ronnie as he records language groups in this needy country.

13. Canada - Marian Elliott is helping Ruth Horan, to link digital documents to corresponding audio in the database. Pray for Ruth and Marian that they will make steady progress in the 10,000 plus scanned documents.

14. Canada - At our corporation meeting in May the following persons were confirmed as board members. They include; Roy Grant; Bill Pearson; Christina Waters; Jon Wilton; Glenn Wilton and Kelly Millar. Pray for wisdom for the board as they address the needs of the mission.

15. Australia - The GRN Australia office is celebrating the 5fish app 10 year anniversary. A celebratory dinner will be held today. Pray that it will be well attended.

16. Nigeria - Praise God that GRN Nigeria has recorded the Good News and Words of Life in the Ztha language. This is spoken by less than 3,000 people and is one of the most unreached groups in Nigeria. Pray for the Gospel to really penetrate the hearts of people in this group.

17. Thailand - GRN will be hosting a recording team training course from 17 Oct-25 Nov 2022. There will be 18 students. Most of these will be returning to their country to prepare audio recordings for Bible Listening Groups who gather in their villages to become disciples of Jesus. There will be 30 people attending including teachers and GRNT staff. Pray for smooth preparation of facilities for accommodation and classroom.

18. GRN Recordings - GRN's audio and video materials are being downloaded from the internet all the time! Praise the Lord that more people are making use of the recordings. Pray for the Lord to use each and every recording to speak to the hearts of the listeners in their own language.

19. New Trainee Recordists - Give thanks for new trainee recordists in Mexico, Philippines, USA and in a couple of sensitive Asian countries. Pray for God's provision for each one, for safety, opportunities and the ability to grow and develop their skills.

20. GRN International Prayer day - GRN missionaries from around the world will be participating in 24 hours of prayer for GRN ministries. This is an online event that has been held before. Pray that all our workers will be able to connect online as we pray for one another.

21. Australia - Brad Harriman is recording The Living Christ in Standard Arabic, requested for use with Afghan refugees in Europe. A local language helper has helped us refine our in-house translation. Praise God for local expertise and a quality recording so far. Please pray for Brad as he edits and produces this program.

22. Canada - Diane Roberts, is great help in the office as she does the payroll and updates our financial items on the computer one day a month. Pray that Diane will be blessed as she serves as a volunteer.

23. Changing Technology - Please continue to pray as GRN adapts to the changing technology we use to record and edit Gospel content. Pray for the computers, audio equipment and most of all, our people.

24. Cameroon - Cameroon has 310 unrecorded languages that they believe would benefit from having access to GRN recordings. Praise God for Joseph and his team. Pray for new recruits so they can send out more recording teams to tell the story of Jesus. Pray also for intercessors to bring down enemy strongholds in the heavenly realm so workers on the ground can move about unhindered.

25. United Kingdom - "Recently, Sanjay (UK staff; Promotions) was able to visit one of the many ships which pass through Southampton in the UK. He had a blessed time speaking with the captain, who was glad to hear about our 5fish app and the work of GRN UK."

26. Canada - David Elliott asks for prayer as he leads the ministry in Canada. Pray for God's leading to the person to take his place in the future.

27. GRN Families - Pray for strong marriages and families in GRN, that each worker will strike a good balance between family matters and his or her GRN assignment.

28. Canada - Pray that the Canadian office will see an increase in funding to cover a growing need for recording and distribution projects.

29. Papua New Guinea (PNG) - It has the highest number of unrecorded languages of any country. GRN has no recording teams assigned to it! Pray for intercessors who will prepare the ground for a spiritual harvest and for numerous recording teams to be recruited to continue building on the amazing work done by those who have gone before.

30. Indonesia - It is second to PNG in the total number of unrecorded languages. Over 700 languages are in this category. Pray for many recruits to reinforce the work being done by Ronnie and Chandra. Pray for intercessors to help prepare the way for fruitful ministry.

31. Nigeria - Nigeria is third in the unrecorded language listing with over 400 identified and verified. Pray for the Nigeria team that is facing a growing threat from Islamic militants, Boko Harem. The small recording team is productive and has been boosted by the recruitment of ten language investigators, who will do a lot of the research work that will help recording teams immensely.

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