How is GRN funded?

How is GRN funded?

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Global Recordings Network is a non-profit missionary organisation. God is the source of all we need, and he uses various channels to supply our needs. Our main 'strategy' for raising funds is to bring our needs to the Lord in prayer. We do not use aggressive or manipulative fund raising techniques.

We are thankful that God moves the hearts of his people to give money to enable us to carry on the ministry.

Our main resource, the audio recordings on our website can be downloaded free of charge. Our other materials such as our picture books and hand wind mp3 players are generally supplied at or below cost.

See our Financial Policy for more information.

Find out about making a donation here.

For details about financial matters in each country please contact your local centre.

  • Another way you can support GRN financially is through a bequest.

  • GRN wants to glorify the Lord in all matters relating to finances, including how we obtain finances and how we administer funds.

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