Equatorial Guinea

Information about Equatorial Guinea

Area (sq km):28,051
FIPS Country Code:EK
ISO Country Code:GQ
GRN Office:

Map of Equatorial Guinea

Map of Equatorial Guinea

Languages and dialects spoken in Equatorial Guinea

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Found 8 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Batanga [Equatorial Guinea] - ISO Language [bnm]
Bube [Equatorial Guinea] - ISO Language [bvb]
Equatorial Guinean Pidgin - ISO Language [fpe]
Fa D'ambu [Equatorial Guinea] - ISO Language [fab]
Fang [Equatorial Guinea] - ISO Language [fan]
Fang: Ntumu [Gabon, Estuaire] [fan]
Portuguese [Portugal] - ISO Language [por]
Spanish: Castellano [Spain] [spa]

People Groups in Equatorial Guinea

Balengue; Batangan; Benga; Bube; Coloured; Deaf; Fa D'ambu; Fang; Fernandino Creole; French; Hausa; Ibibio; Igbo; Krio; Ngumba; Ngumbi; Seki; South Asian, general; Spaniard; Yasa; Yoruba;