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1 July 2023

Joy!! 🥳 Tumi 🐯 came to visit!! Especially for the weekend so that he can practice with us tomorrow and we can catch up a bit with preparation for the long walk 🚶🏼‍♀🚶🏻‍♂ in September. Watch this space!

23 June 2023

Hello everyone, hope you stay warm 🔥!

For those who may have wondered and for the sake of clarity... all donations received from you are paid directly into Global Recordings SA's special Tumi account and will be used to fund Tumi's after the walk.

All other costs related to the hike are borne by me and Léan personally.

Then I received good news 😁!

Tumi 🐯 sent message that he is very curious to see how we practice. So, he promised that he would come visit one of these days!

Watch this space!

15 June 2023

Best Friend/Girlfriend

I would like to make you take part of me and Léan's🥾 "Walk for Tumi Tier" project......the preparation, updates during the walk and finally, how many Tumi's for children in need we were able to fund.

About 11 weeks left and we are training! This week my aim is 13 km at a time, hopefully 3 times, "weather permitting"....

Last Saturday Léan practiced on Tygerheuwel.

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