The "Saber" hand wind MP3 player

हे पृष्ठ मराठी मध्ये सध्या उपलब्ध नाही.

The Saber is a solid-state digital player with hand wind power for use in areas where electricity and batteries are expensive or difficult to obtain.

It has an amplifier, speaker and sound box, so it can play at significant volume with good quality. This makes it ideal for use in groups. It handles speech and music equally well.

The Saber is powered from internal rechargeable batteries. A built in generator allows the machine to be recharged by turning the handle. External power sources, such as AC/DC power packs, solar panels, or batteries, can also be used to recharge the machine.

Operation of the device is simple, and can be easily mastered by people who are not literate and not technically skilled.

The Saber plays recordings in MP3 and WMA format, stored on its internal memory or an optional SD memory card. Sound files can be loaded onto the machine via a USB port. Optionally, GRN can load the machine with the desired recordings prior to shipping.

The Saber player builds on the extensive experience GRN has in hand wind playback devices. It has greater reliability and better sound reproduction than cassette players.

The Saber has been designed particularly to enable the gospel to be presented in audio form to remote people all over the world. It is also ideally suited for other humanitarian purposes.

  • Saber in Service - What the field testing revealed - As the Saber will be used to deliver the gospel in many areas of the world, it's of the utmost importance that it is reliable, easy to use, hard wearing, and practical.
  • The Heart of GRN: Telling the story of Jesus - From humble beginnings in the 1930s to the cutting edge technology of the 21st Century, GRN has continued to move forward in its quest to go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature.
  • Saber player Fact Sheet - GRN's new Saber is a "solid-state" digital audio player. The playback system is entirely electronic, with no moving parts. It uses the commonly available MP3 or WMA formats to enable large amounts of audio to be stored and played back at high quality.

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