Dwungit भाषा

भाषेचे नाव: Dwungit
ISO Language Code:
GRN Language Number: 3688
Language State: Extinct
ROD Dialect Code:

Audio recordings available in Dwungit

Our data shows that we may have either some old recordings which have been withdrawn, or new recordings being made in this language.

If you are interested in obtaining any of this unreleased or withdrawn material, please Contact the GRN Global Studio.

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Where Dwungit is spoken


Information about Dwungit

Other information: Appears this could be 'Ndraangidh' (Hale 1960) Only other discovered reference to recordings of the language in this name by Capell, in: http://www.aiatsis.gov.au/ava/docs/findingaids/CAPELL_A01_finding_aid.pdf Language must now be presumed extinct. NB-Jun10