Tom Baldwin

Tom Baldwin

हे पृष्ठ मराठी मध्ये सध्या उपलब्ध नाही.

Tom first became involved as a volunteer with GRN in the later half of 2020, when his regular work as a sound engineer faltered in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this volunteering, he came to see how valuable GRN's ministry really is and wanted to use his skills to assist GRN full time.

Tom has a degree in sound design, with event industry experience in sound mixing, recording, and also as a communications technician. This audio background gives Tom a firm basis to understand how GRN works, and makes him a great candidate to produce promotional media for our ministry supporters and the wider community.

Tom lives in the inner west and is a committed member of Summer Hill Church. He likes to spend his spare time with friends, making coffee, being on the beach, or fishing.

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