Colin the Companion Cub

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Colin the Companion Cub can bring joy to Alzheimer's sufferers

Download GRN's Colin Smart Card and Colin Glove Guide for family and significant others.


Joshua Prinsloo has finished recording the 25 Colin Companion Cub chats.

Dalene Joubert and Josh has also finished the rough cut editing on the chats mid-July 2020.

Josh has now started to re-arrange and suitable music to go with the chats.

We expect to finish the final mix down mid-August and forward the finished audio to be loaded on Colin's voice box end of August 2020.

We've already receiving requests for sponsored Colin Cubs.

If you wish to sponsor a Colin Companion for one or more persons living with Alzheimer's, you're making a remarkable difference in vulnerable person's life.


Since 2018 we've been in consultation with different interested parties and expertise about the possible development of a new therapeutic tool for people living with Alzheimer's.

Research prompted us to develop Colin, plus two video programs:

Total cost for the production of these aids is R89,000 (AUD6,080).

Will you Sponsor this Project?

If you choose to sponsor the full amount or more you will receive naming rights:
SPONSORED BY, (your name and logo) will appear on:

  1. every physical product sponsored by you for distribution,
  2. all physical products distributed for the next 20 years,
  3. all marketing materials distributed or e-platforms where the product is listed for the next 20 years.

See the Budget Breakdown on our website, or read the Project Framework.

Contribute more than R10,000 and you will receive a free Colin and links to the video materials.

Get Involved!!! Make contact with GRN Southern Africa through an email by clicking here.

You can donate to this project for developing and distributing Colin the Companion Cub: click the donate button, designate your gift 'Colin the Companion Cub'.

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