Tsumkwe Conservancy Evangelism Training Program

Tsumkwe Conservancy Evangelism Training Program

Бул барак учурда Кыргыз тилинде жеткиликтүү эмес.

Ministry partner Degnos has a project coming up in the Tsumkwe congregation area, amongst the Ju/'hoansi people.

They want to train 100 participants over three years using GRN's audiovisual teaching aid, and also include the Firm Foundations program material.

With them we believe that the Body of Christ is complete with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit being present where ever two or more believers meet to worship together. We want to help equip these believers of various villages to act as spiritual leaders that are able to explain the Bible in an effective way to the other members of their villages.

The 45 villages represented (42 in the Naye Naye conservancy and three in the Na#jaqna conservancy) have been divided into 5 groups of 9 villages per group.

Degnos has identified 2-3 participants per village and estimated 100 candidates will be trained.

GRNSA has taken hands with Degnos in this initiative.

Currently we are able to equip all 100 trainees with 1x copy of

  • The Sacrifice audiovisual program (based on the original Firm Foundations program, but adapted with a story script following the blood sacrifice line through the Bible.

    TOTAL COST: R20,475.11

We are able to provide 1 copy per village to the 45 villages of:

  • The Good News audiovisual program
  • A mp3 Storyteller player pre-loaded with audio commentary of the Good News program and the available San Partnership Oral Scripture Set in Ju/'hoansi.

    TOTAL COST: R18,224.26


We need the finances to equip all the trained leaders each with these materials, though.

55 x more Good News picture chart books

55 x more mp3 playback devices loaded with the Good News and Oral Scripture Set

TOTAL COST: R5,775 (pic books) + R16,500 (players)

GRAND TOTAL: R22,275.00 (or $1,182.64 US)

Thank you to everyone who made what we're able to do now, possible.

Pray with us that we may be able to equip all trainees with this material.

If you decide to donate and you are a South African citizen, please email us a proof of your payment and a completed tax information form, so that we may send you a tax exemption certificate.

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