Jacobus and Kathleen De Bruyn

Jacobus and Kathleen De Bruyn

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Jacobus has been involved with GRNSA on a part-time basis since April 2022.

Jacobus writes: "I don't have a specific conversion time and date, but as my life took its course there are many markers in my life where my faith deepened and I grew closer to God.

"I grew up on a farm within a strict Christian family where I learned a lot about faith from my mother and grandmother. I was always fascinated about nature and how God works within His creation. From early on in my life I saw God at work when the new lambs were born, or when it rains or when the sun rises.

We went to church every Sunday and from an early time in my life, I knew that I would like to become a pastor and to do God's work or to be a part of God's work to other people.

"So, when I finished high school I went to seminary to study theology and after six years of study, I qualified, got my degree in theology and then I became a pastor in a congregation. Theology fascinated me from the get go. I love the Old Testament, so I did first my Masters and then my PhD in Old Testament studies.

"After I got my doctorate I got the opportunity to work as a research scholar at the University of Potchefstroom for 4 years. During that time I wrote several articles, had the opportunity to go to Israel for a month long excavation excursion, and I did my Masters degree in Greek. Time and time again my faith was deepened by what I did, not only by my studies, but also by the liturgy. I love liturgy, I always did, but I really fell in love with it when I was taught how it all fits together and how it works. To experience the Triune God via the liturgy is always an amazing experience for me and to take the lead in it as a pastor, is extraordinary. To act on behalf of the congregation towards God, is already huge, but to act on behalf of God towards the congregation, makes me shudder every time.

"I love to teach people, so after 4 years I went back into ministry. I've been back in ministry for 7 years now. During this time my ongoing studies led me to find God in new ways which opened my eyes to a lot of things. I discovered lots of "old-new" things which I would like to have discovered earlier in my life. Each of these new discoveries deepened my faith and made me grow closer to God.

"I reached a point now in my life where I have this tuck in my spirit that it is time for something else - to serve God in new ways."

Jacobus has been working on a new philosophy and principles for translating scripts, practical guidelines of the same. And he has recently started to evaluate old scripts, re-write some and adapt others. There is a lot of script work to be done, since many of GRN's scripts in our script library are very old and should be rethought in terms of content, structure and presentation. Jacobus brings invaluable expertise to the table as a theologian, script writer and trainer.

Kathleen has been very supportive of Jacobus in his work. She has also started to help us part-time illustrating and trying her hand at sound editing.

Pray for Jacobus and his wife, Kathleen, and their young boy, Wicus.


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