Dallion Chitekwere

Dallion Chitekwere

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Dallion is originally from Mkungula, Mazengera and is presently from Lilongwe, Malawi.

He has qualifications in Studio Recording and extensive experience with field recording.

Dallion is currently serving with Fishers, Trainers and Senders (FTS) Ministries as Media Ministry worker as well as in Children's Ministry. He previously served with FTS as a Children's Ministry worker.

  • Dallion partners with us to strategically plant GRN-story sets with audio Bibles to enhance their Bible engagement.
  • He also trains group leaders in communities nationwide how to use these GRN-teaching materials.
  • He services defective players and loads or reloads content on the players.

Dallion is a very hard worker with a passion for the oral communities in Malawi.

We need you to help us support efforts in Malawi so that we can pay FTS for the work he does for GRNSA in Malawi, including handling requests for materials, determining needs for materials and training, loading and servicing players, visiting clients, and other logistical expenses.

The need is R45,000 per year (3,000.00 USD or 4,250.00 AUD).

You can help here to let the invaluable work he does continue in Malawi. If you would like to support Dallion financially, see the support page.

Below: Demonstrating the use of Audio Players, and training Leaders in the use of GRN materials - all part of Dallion's ministry


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