Wills and Bequests - a posthumous 'thank you'

Wills and Bequests - a posthumous 'thank you'

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From time to time we receive in the mail a letter from a solicitor informing us that a person has died and left us a share in their estate.

We receive those letters with mixed feelings. Usually there is the joy of knowing that a faithful follower of our Lord is now enjoying His presence, free from the troubles of this world. Often there is sadness - on behalf of the family who have lost a loved one, and at the realisation that we have lost another faithful prayer partner and supporter of the ministry. But there is also a great sense of thankfulness to the person and to God for His provision for GRN.

Sometimes these bequests come just when we need extra funds to carry out an important project. A major African training program, for example, was largely funded by 2 bequests. Always these bequests are a great blessing to the ministry.

It is too late to say thank you to the people who made this provision in their wills after they have died not that they were seeking thanks anyway.

So we want to take the opportunity to say thank you now to those who have already thought of this and decided to "bless GRN" after their death. And thank you to those who in the future will decide to take this step.

Of course, it is always timely to give thanks to the Lord. His love and faithfulness endures forever.


Wills and Bequests - Another way you can support GRN financially is through a bequest.