Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand April 2022

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Scripture tells us to "be ready" because we don't know when Jesus will come back. The apostle Paul looked forward to a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge, would give him at that day, and not to him only, but unto all them also that love his appearing. (2 Timothy 4:8) My wife, Clair and I look forward to getting together at the end of each day. It's a blessing to spend the evening hours together. As we consider national and world events, we consider carefully how we should respond. At GRNT we seek to live according to God's Word and to be about His business. For us, that is to produce audio recordings of the Good News of Jesus Christ and get the message out to people in their heart language, so that they may be ready when Jesus comes again. May they "love his appearing." To this end, thank you for praying for our requests this month.

Jon Rulison
GRNT Leader

Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand April 2022

1) (Fri) Pray healing for Aom as she was just diagnosed with Covid on Wednesday. Pray for strength and good health for Boy and their 3 daughters, and that they won't get Covid.

2) (Sat) Isaan and other Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength and good health for Ajaan Nit, who hasn't been feeling well, and God's blessing on the family's business, 2) Good health for June and her family, 3) Strength and good health for Pastor Prasit and his family, and God's blessing on his ministry, 4) Good health for believers in Khon San Church, especially those who have health issues: Mrs. Tu and her son have Covid; Jam's husband has rheumatoid arthritis, 5) Healing for Bee (the doctor will check her kidney again), and that she will be able to transfer to a hospital in Bangkok, and 6) Protection and God's blessing as the church begins meeting in person again on 7 April.

3) (Sun) Phu Thai and Other Groups in Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan Provinces: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health and fruitful ministry for Pastor Meesak and Pastor Wichai and their families, 2) God's blessing and no problems during the Discipleship Camp 4-7 April, 3) Wisdom in teaching and helping new believers in two villages, and 4) Protection from Covid for the team of Christian leaders.

4) (Mon) From April 4-6 GRNT will "come aside to rest awhile" at a nearby resort. Pray for refreshment.

5) (Tue) Phu Thai Nakae and other groups in Nakhon Phanom: Please pray for wisdom and God's blessing for the following: 1) The Youth Camp 7-9 April, 2) Helping the youth leaders grow and develop as leaders, 3) Building a Mission Center for ministry and training, 4) Outreach via teaching English at the nursing college, 5) The families of people who have strayed from the Lord, and 6) The spiritual leaders in this province.

6) (Wed) So Thavung Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Healing and good health for everyone who has Covid, 2) Safety in travel for everyone during the Thai New Year Festival this month, 3) Good health for Jane, who is three months pregnant, and for her to not forget the Lord, 4) All the believers in Jesus and people who have listened to the recordings on MP3 players to trust in Christ alone, 5) Good crops for the farmers, 6) Provision of the funds still needed to build the church in Charoen Sin District and God's blessing on its completion, and 6) God's blessing on Pastor Lek's ministry, and for their land and house to sell.

7) (Thur) Nudang, Anabel's former English student who is blind, and finished university in 2019 and returned to her home near Bangkok, lost her mother to cancer on 23 March.  Nudang prayed with her mother (Buddhist) often, encouraging her mother to pray to God and trust in Him.  Please pray for comfort, peace and wisdom for Nudang to know what God wants her to do with her life, and also to find a good church where she can be fed and have fellowship.

8) (Fri) Dan and Na Tisdale: Please pray for Dan's father and brother to be saved. Both are named Ted. Pray for God to send someone uniquely equipped to speak to their hearts about the Gospel and that their eyes, ears and hearts would be miraculously opened. Thank you!

9) (Sat) Lawa Group: Please pray for the following: 1) God's comfort for Dough's family as his father passed away 4 March, 2) Good health for Dough's family and for his mother and brother to truly put their trust in God, 3) Wisdom for Dough as he returns to school in May, and for him to be able to receive his junior high school certificate, and 3) For Rut, Aom's sister-in-law, to have strength and good health and be encouraged through listening to the GRN recordings.

10) (Sun) Nyah Kur and Isaan Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom, good health, and victory over temptations for all the church leaders, volunteers and church members, 2) Santi and his friend to be able to quit drinking through God's power, 3) Wisdom, safety in travel, and protection from Covid for B and G as they prepare to return to B's home country, and 4) Mr. Wong and his family, Maew's family, Thep and Nang and all of the believers to be good examples to others.

11) (Mon) Please pray for strength and good health for Jaew, and for wisdom for her in her work.

12) (Tue) Yong Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom in contacting with Yong leaders in order to connect well with the Yong people, 2) Provision of finances needed and God's blessing on the continued distribution of the Good News recording in the Yong language and eternal fruit in the hearts of those who listen, and 3) Protection and God's blessing on the children who come to the Saturday ministry.

13) (Wed) Yoy and Other Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health for Song Phan's family and also for her mother, 2) Wisdom, good health, and God's blessing for Da and her family as they serve God, and 3) Healing for all of the members of Akat Amnuai Church who have Covid.

14) (Thur) From Boy's family: Please pray for the following: 1) Finances to build our house, 2) Wisdom for us to care for, train, and teach God's ways to our three daughters, 3) Strength and good health for everyone in our family, 4) Wisdom and strength for us as we serve the Lord, and 5) Grace, joy and good adjustment for my (Boy's) parents as they are together again, that they will be united in following Christ wholeheartedly.

15) (Fri) Thai Song Dam Group in Kanchanaburi Province: Please pray for the following: 1) Healing and protection for the people in two communities where people have Omicron, 2) Provision of finances needed for ministry in 2022, 3) Strength and good health for God's servants, and 4) Safety and God's blessing on Pastor Song as she goes to the USA in June.

16) (Sat) Please pray as our Thailand team works on a section of the Good News script that may need a more creative approach.  The first half of the script is chronological stories from the Bible, but the second half is teaching on living the Christian life. We want it to be interesting and understandable to the listeners.

17) (Sun) Thai Song Dam (from Suphanburi Province) and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) God's blessing on Mrs. Uan and Nut (new believers) as they are baptized on 17 April, 2) Protection from Covid for Ploy as she studies at Bangkok Bible Seminary, 3) Safety and refreshment as Pim comes to Thailand and spends time with her family, 4) Good health and protection from Covid for all of the church members, 5) Wisdom and God's provision and help for church members who lack income and are adversely affected by the current difficult economy, and 6) Wisdom and good health for Pastor Chalao as she cares for the church.

18) (Mon) Maethee, Anna & Rappon (Lot and Muang's children): Please pray for the following: 1) Safety and no vehicle problems for Maethee as he drives to Chachoengsao Province to continue his university internship in person, 2) Protection from Covid, strength and wisdom for Maethee as he does his internship, and 3) The provision of school tuition fees for the coming school year (beginning May-June) for Rappon (10th grade) and for Anna (4th and final year of university).

19) (Tue) Ugong Group: Thank God that Pastor Song and her family had the opportunity to to meet with the village headman and to support Mrs. Maat and Mrs. Muet in the handwork they make. Please pray for the following: 1) The Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the village headman and his family, for them to grow in their knowledge of God, 2) Healing for everyone in the village who has Covid, protection for those who do not, and safety in travel for everyone during the Thai New Year's Festival this month, 3) God to protect the children and youth from various temptations and for the children and youth to obey their parents, and 4) Satit's family to truly know and trust God.

20) (Wed) Pray for wisdom in interacting with Thai church leaders so we can best serve them with our audio/visual media.

21) (Thur) Nyaw Group: GRNT plans to visit the Nyaw in late May. Please pray for a good visit and a blessed time of encouraging the Nyaw and for wisdom concerning making plans to record more in this language.

22) (Fri) Vietnamese in Northeast Thailand: Please pray for the following: 1) Protection from Covid-19 and from temptations for God's servants and all the church members, 2) Strength, good health, wisdom in ministering to people, and safety in travel for Pastor Tam and his wife, 3) The Holy Spirit to open the eyes and the hearts of the people who have heard the Gospel, for them to believe in Jesus alone, and 4) Besuk, Bae, and Ley to grow in their knowledge of the Lord.

23) (Sat) Please pray for the many people who have been and are listening to GRN recordings in Thailand and countries nearby via distributed MP3 players and other sources, for them to believe in Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him.

24) (Sun) Phu Thai Renu and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Wandering sheep to seek the Lord, 2) Healing for church members who have Covid and protection for the others that they won't get Covid, and 3) God's encouragement for all the believers to be united in faith, thought and love as they serve the Lord together.

25) (Mon) Please pray for protection from Covid and good health for the Urak Lawoi people, and for them to grow spiritually.

26) (Tue) Please pray for wisdom and God's blessing for Kaew Faj, the Hmong handicapped university graduate, as she seeks God about her future, works on some translation jobs, and shares the Lord with Hmong villagers as she has opportunity. Pray that God will protect her and use her for His glory.

27) (Wed) From the GRNT IT team: Please pray for our promotions team to find creative ideas to help people engage with GRN's ministry through social media. Pray for Boy as he posts videos geared to various language groups within Thailand.

28) (Thur) Thank God that GRNT was able to talk with the MGT team and make plans to visit villages. Please pray that the plans will not be hindered, that MGT will be able to visit, encourage and share with people.

29) (Fri) Please pray for wisdom to plan for training recording teams in a neighboring country where many Bible Listening Groups gather around MP3 players to listen and discuss GRN and other recordings.

30) (Sat) Please pray for wisdom how to strengthen our immune systems so that each of us can serve God in GRNT effectively.


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